X1950 Pro (2006) -> R680 + X1950 Pro doing physics (2008)

Out of all upgrade alternatives this one interests me most, but I am not entirely sure what components are needed for it to work. I have found out that the X1950 Pro cards that will be released this month or in November could be later re-used as physics cards in a setup with an ATI's DX10 card. I am looking for answers to the following questions:

1. What motherboards will support the R600/R680 (graphics) + X1950 Pro (physics) setup?
2. Will it need to be a three PCI-E slot setup (2xgraphics in SLI + 1x physics), as was pictured in one of ATI's demonstrations, or can it be just 1xGraphics + 1xPhysics on a two PCI-E slot motherboard?
3. What kind of PSU will be needed for graphics+physics setup?
4. Drivers/Software?
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  1. 1. No idea. ATi's motherboards will support it, don't know about any others - no-one has announced them yet.
    2. ATi has claimed that you can either run CF + Physics or single card + Physics.
    3. A big fat one - R680 allegedly will dissipate up to 250W, so you're looking at 250W x 2 + 125W for the X1950XT (iirc). That's 650W just for the graphics cand physics.
    4. ATi will release them as and when they're done.
  2. Do you know if it will it be possible to use other cards such as X1900 XT or X1950 XTX as physics cards with R600/R680?
  3. ATi said you would be able to...
  4. I wish that will be true, however i think that it is still to early to know for sure all the issues about that configuration in the future.

    I am more concerned rather about power supply. Good PSU have got around 19A on the 12V line and ususaly 2 such lines for graphic card(s). even so i am affraid that it might be not enough to powered new monsters.
  5. We won't know more until the R600 series arrives, if then. The multicard physics solutions announced by ATI and nvidia are still in the lab but they were trying to counter the new PhysX card and they're still working out how they'll make it happen. And talking with developers I'm sure to get them on board. Then AMD bought ATI so some project reviews will occur. I wouldn't make plans on anything just yet.
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