most quiet air cooling heatsing for conroe chips

I am looking for the most quiet air cooling heatsing for conroe chips. it can have a fan or not but it must be quiet and allow oc.

Any recommendation?

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  1. I would recomend the Zalman 9500. It works with many different socket types, and is very efficient. It took my P4 Prescott from critical mass to something a bit more manageable. It is also quiet when you need it to be.

    In my current system, I have stock cooling - but since my case has such great airflow, my temps are very reasonable, and my CPU is only 8 degrees hotter than my MB at Idle. I have yet to go over 50C even at load.

    I hope this helps.
  2. I will defer to your insight - My experience with my old prescott build had severe heat issues - I finally spent the money for the Zalman and was rewarded. If your suggestion performs as well, and for less money - then by all means save the cash.

    - Cheers.
  3. I have an E6300 on an Asus P5B deluxe. I looking for something quiet that can go into my Antec P150 case. As the mobo is vertical, will a tall and heavy fanless heatsink cause stress to the mobo and CPU?

    with regards to heatsinks with fans, are they that much louder than fanless versions? are the fans essential?

    It is my first self built PC. A side question, what is the maximum safe temp for CPU and case?

  4. I have a Zalman 9500 for my E6400 and I'm definately not impressed. I don't know what's going on but my idle is about 41 (even with speedstep and C1E enabled) and my temp under load is 55 max. I've seated it a total of 3 times now...cleaned the surface with the 91% rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth (coffee filter), AND even used the new AS5 technique for C2D's...But nope...still high temps in my opinion. I'm not impressed...I should've saved the 50$ I spent on it towards a $150 liquid cooling kit.
    The Scythe ninja is a huge tower, but should have ample support brackets, and can be fanless should you choose. The upside is you can pretty much mount any size fan, any rpm, in any direction. can customize it...I wish I had bought that instead.
  5. Scythe Ninja is one of the best low-noise hsf. Don't get that Zalman 9500, it's overated and does not live up to it's price.
  6. i have the big typhoon and it's serving me faithfully. when people said it was heavy i thought i was going to have to add support in order not to crack my mobo, but my motherboard is taking it no sweat.
    One disadvantage (as with all big heatsinks) is the size, i can't close my case because my temps shoot up 5-8'C because the fan is too close to the side and won't suck in air

    has anyone tried the Big Typhoon with a thermaltake tsunami case? i'm thinking of getting one but not sure...

  7. Quote:
    I am looking for the most quiet air cooling heatsing for conroe chips. it can have a fan or not but it must be quiet and allow oc.

    Any recommendation?


    Yes the Artic Freezer 7 Pro. It cost me £12 which is about $20 US, and gives the great cooling both at stock speeds and overclocking speeds. Custom PC even siad its preformance is comparable to water cooling solutions. And by the way even had full load you won't hear it, the 92mm fann spins as low as 600 rpm when idle and hardly ever gets up to full whack because the heatsink is some effective.

    The Zalman is both cool and quiet but why would you buy it when an Artic costs less then half?
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