Any News On the ATI RD600 chipset mobos?

Hey guys, anyone have more detail on the RD600 motherboards? like there are hundreds of threads around all talking about the Nvidia 590 boards, and how ooo and aaahhh it will be. but what of the ATI boards... any news on when they will be released? (RD600) any more info on them? I wanna see all those ATI fanboys come ALIVE. i was an Nvidia fanboy all my life, and now.. i think its about which company can meet my needs.. and that looks to be Intel EX6800 and ATI!!! (at the moment)

Thanks guys, and gals.
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  1. Any idea on when it will be launched..? and would it be a nono buying a x1950xtx with hopes of going CF in the near future? or will ATI bring out their new DX10 cards around the same time as the motherboards? \

    So many questions, So little patience
  2. Yeah, I'm not too sure about buying an ATI chipset supporting Intel processors, but if you don't, I doubt you'll be able to ever buy one again. At least I can still count on ATI's cards to support intel chipsets without a problem (hopefully). If they make XFire an AMD/ATI solution only, then Imma get very pissed and complain a lot (because I really have no say in this matter...)

    Oh well, all we can do is play the waiting game.
  3. Quote:
    R600 is at very early Jan-2007 while RD600 when released by DFI will be around end-November time.

    Hmmm that presents an interesting issue, I was looking at the Abit AW9D-MAX and it looked quite promising, especially with 450+ on the FSB and 975x chipset base. However, is the RD600 going to really be that much better? And I almost feel obligated to get an R600 and pair it with a RD600 and C2Q to see just how ridiculous ridiculous can get.
  4. Its C2Q + TEC + (insert mobo here). The first two are definate, the mobo is the fill in the gap to reach maximum clock speed. This is a build for about Dec/Jan.

    The overclocking was a positive surprise to us. Without any hardware modifications we managed to reach a system bus of about 470FSB, something far from all i975X motherboards are capable of, and even fewer without modifications.

    Link here

    Thats what made me look favorably on the board, unmodded 1.95v to the NB, now I know I will have to cool it appropriately.

    You know I'm crazy... I'm going for a ridiculous OC, just for the challenge. TEC here I come!!! (Hey phase change is better, but damn it I am a poor college student lol).
  5. Quote:
    Although I've already set plans for a homebrew phasechange in end of 2008 I'm still hopping OCZ to release their long-delayed unit. It's supposely under $500 and performs in the mid-range of phasechage coolers.

    I know. I've heard of that too, it was on TG Daily a long time ago. I had sort of given up on that, but it's nice to know someone else has heard of it. My real turn off from phasechange is not the effort, but the fact 1) its nearly $1000 to do it right 2) you usually get an ugly ass case or a case with 0 room 3) Cost/Benfit really isn't there.

    TEC is another PSU and peltier and some supplies in addition to a preexisting WC setup, so the incremental cost isn't that bad.

    Damn you OCZ, where are you when we need you!?
  6. Another absolutely sexy product from DFI
  7. Quote:
    like there are hundreds of threads around all talking about the Nvidia 590 boards

    Ignore those idiots, they have got absolutely no idea the disappointment that's going to hit them when it's released. Even for the revised chipset C55 comming out at mid-November which will be nowhere as good as other chipsets including RD600.

    RD600 is the most anticipated chipset I've been waiting for as well and all sign indicates only DFI will make them for the sake of the overclockers market.
    It's a long story, but basically since AMD bought ATi, mobo manufactures have been reluctant to using them in fear of Intel.

    From all the info I've gather underground, I strongly believe RD600 will be the ultimate Crossfire supporting, overclocking chipset for Core2Duo/Quad when it's released and with special magic from DFI(mainly Oscar Wu's work).

    My dream machine was a conroe (maybe kentsfield now) but with
    the RD600 MB and the R600 in crossfire mode.

    But I'm afraid of lack of support. - future drivers...

    Should I be?????
  8. I wouldn't be concerned at all. Yes, this may be the last ATI-Intel board, but that doesn't mean they are stupid enough to cut off support for the board. There are strategic decisions and that wouldn't be one. Just go in knowing that it might be the last board to allow CF, I don't think AMD/ATI is that stupid, to make CF a AMD only tech, but you never know. Executives are sometimes extremely stupid, and lack common sense. They think everything is strategy and forget sometimes how much they can piss off people. We will just have to wait and see.

    Edit: I am hoping to see 500FSB on the RD600 w/o volt mod. Abit 9 MAX can get 450-470 w/o mods, so I am being extremely hopeful :)
  9. When you set the standard for OC'ing capability consistently and set world records... you can make demands like DFI. DFI is the Walmart of hte motherboard industry, they say what goes on. OK maybe not entirely but when they speak it is heard. Plus, they have the most active forum I've seen and some really good people there. While this forum is solid, DFI-Fourms are damned good for DFI specific issues. :wink:
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