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I am looking for a NAS that has a built in web server that can host webpages. ? I saw one on ebay about 4 months ago and should have got it but didnt, and now dont remember the name of it. But if anyone know of a such thing its a standalone NAS with a built in web server. I want a standalone NAS/Webserver. cheap under $ 360 Thanks Andrew
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  1. First hit I Googled:

    Google me up baby !

  2. Thanks but thats not really what im looking for.. I googled about 2 hrs looking for a NAS with a built in HTTP web server that its easy to set up and I dont have to mess with it... but came up short everytime.. :(
  3. Thanks guys I finely found it.. Its called Itian MyServer!!!! Wonderfull...
  4. Good news !!

  5. Andrew, how's that unit working out for you? I'm interested in it as well.

  6. Hello Yes I found one on Ebay but they but the price is too high for my budget. They wanting $350 for it. So im just waiting to find it cheaper. Thanks
  7. Looking on eBay it seems like they also have a version without the wireless access point for $250. Did you consider that one?

  8. Yea i might do that.
  9. SnapAppliances NAS and Dell PowerVaults can do this also. They may be out of your price range. Depends on capacity. If you don't need RAID the 1100 will be a good choice.
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