Windows 7 bug/ glitch / error. Help?

Hi, I have an hp 9400f, and had windows 7 ultimate x64 or x86 installed.

Two days ago, I unplugged my logitech keyboard. By doing so, it triggered some sort of reaction. The monitor visual showed the screen distorted in coloring, so i assumed that i moved the graphics card a little. I restarted my computer, and when i did, it wouldn't go past the bios screen. I'd get the "hp " blue screen, but would not work ( system recovery ) .

The symptoms my computer has right now is the blinking underscore, and from that point on, nothing happens. It stays at that point, never moves on. I have restarted my computer countlessly. I also noticed that when its on this screen, and I press / hold on to a key, my motherboard will make a "clicking" noise repeatedly directly related to the amount of times i press the key. It's instantaneous. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it though .

I've googled this, and many people have encountered this issue. One forum had a comment which said this was a result from faulty ram. I have removed each stick of ram, but i have not seen any sort of change.

I hope somebody can help me with this. Is there a way to retrieve my data as well ?
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  1. To begin with, try unplugging the computer from the power and hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds. Plug back in. Turn on.

    No fix?

    Try unplugging everything except for the power cord and monitor. If boots fine, plug in the keyboard. Reboot. Then try the mouse and internet. then other things that you may have connected.

    Try removing your graphics card. If no fix, unplug all but one of your hard drives if you have more than one and unplug your CD drive.

    Post results
  2. I do not have any ehd or flashdrives connected.

    also, I believe the os is screwed up; the only hope i have is to boot from a system disc, which I don't have an option to unless i get lucky ; i do not understand how to remake the situation of " press any button to boot from disc " ..

    I will not care about my files anymore, as I only want my computer to work again.
    I tried system restore the first time it said press any button to boot from disc.

    It said " restore finished " , I restarted, and bam. back to square one.

    help me please.
  3. One thing not mentioned that needs clarification: is the keyboard that was disconnected a USB keyboard, or PS/2 keyboard?

    Also when you boot up, do you get past the splash screen, and then on the monitor you see a text message and stop, or does it say "OS Loading"?
  4. Good question .

    They're both usb keyboards, usb mice.

    i get the " g.s.o nvidia blurb kinda thing "
    then it blinks

    then you get the original "hp blue screen " with the f9 f 10 f11 esc " options , but the f11 ( system recovery ) has no effect at all while pressed.

    after that , it blinks, and all i catch is " detecting arrays" .

    after that , blinks again, and I receive the blinking underscore .
  5. OK, in the startUp sequence, you get past the splash screen, but the OS is not loading, it hangs just before.
    Is your computer set up in a RAID configuration? "Detecting Arrays" is unusual.

    In Win-7 you do have the Win RE to try.
    Boot Up, and just after the splash screen (one with F9, F10 etc) and click on F8 several times to get you to the Advanced Boot Options
    There choose "Repair your computer", then choose "StartUp Repair". It is one of the troubleshooters Win-7 has to fix a miriad of problems.
    Let it run till finished. It will list at the bottom the root cause of a problem it identified and fixed, if successful.
  6. F8 didn't affect anything at all, . i would also like to note that afer the boot screen, if i press any key on the keyboard, it'd say click click click
  7. Hello,
    When you press a key on your keyboard, and the keyboard buffer fills up because the CPU is not processing the keyboard codes, you will hear the click, click, click. That's normal.

    If F8 doesn't place you into the Advanced Boot Options, then you need to get to the Windows RE (Recovery Environment). Go into your BIOS, on the Advanced BIOS setting, and change the First Boot Device to the DVD ROM. Insert you Win-7 DVD and boot up. The DVD should start, add time, language, keyboard, next step select Windows Recovery Environment, then choose StartUp Repair. Let it run and at the bottom it will list the root cause and repair steps, if succesful.
  8. That's the issue for me. I can't get it to start up from the dvd. I have a win-7 dvd already. I am still unsuccessful at remaking the situation of " press any button to boot from disc" .

    I have priority 1 and 2 set on the cd/ dvd drive. it's as if my computer is ignoring this .
  9. I don't see images of your BIOS in the online manual, so you will need to check the BIOS setting closely.

    There usually are two entries regarding boot entry priorities. One is the Hard Drive boot priority, which you set if you have more than 1 HDD on your computer.
    The other is the Boot Device Priority, which is what you want. Sometimes it is listed as Boot Device Priority where you click Enter, and move up or down the order of devices, sometimes in Advanced BIOS settings the devices are listed separately, and you have to choose which one is 1st, etc.

    Check that out so as to set your DVD first in order for the BIOS to look for an bootable disk (have the Win-7 DVD installation disk in the drive)
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