Is this normal for e6400 @stock?

45c on idle and 60c on full load, with intel's stock fan and @ stcok speeds

specs are:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz @ stock
MotherBoard: GA-965P-DS3
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  1. Use easytune5 instead of the 3rd party applicaiton.

    I have the same setup and my idle matches or is sometimes lower than my room temp (77F)

  2. No, do not use Easytune. Easytune doesn't measure the CPU Core temperature (which is the important one), it measures the socket temp. And I hope that your measurement from Easytune is wrong because that'd mean that your cpu core is actually HOTTER than 60c which is bad. Download Coretemp and try that. That will be more accurate. But, hopefully the software is just way off...

    *Edit* Oh silly me, you're not using Easytune you're using Everest (from the small version of the pic I saw Easyuntune open). Yeah that's bad. It HAS to be an incorrectly seated hsf and bad thermal paste. I mean, I idle at 41c and goto 55c at load..But, I'm OC'ed to 3 Ghz, which compared to some people is still kinda high. Get yourself some artic silver and $30 hsf.
  3. make sure eist and all of the speedstep items are enabled in bios, then put power settings to port/laptop and you'll drop your idle freq to 1600 266x6.

    This should then be a lot cooler (in my system 8-9C betwen 2400 no load an 1600 no load)

    hope this helps...
  4. hi again

    well i've decided to get a cooler , i have two choices the Scythe Ninja plus and the TT big typhoon?

    which one do you think is better for my system (e6400 + DS3)?

    is the TT big typhoon compatible with DS3? bcoz i heard that its hard to install on DS3 mobos?

    thanx in advance
  5. No idea, I'm using stock. I'm not even payig attention to it, as I'll be upgrading in 6+ months when i want to buy DDR2 and new mobo.
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