Help me to push my XP2400+ PC to its limits

Greetings, this is my very first post on this forum. Hope someone can help me with this one plse. My specs looks like this:

Chaintech 7NJS
AthlonXP 2400+ 2200Mhz (200fsb x 11multip)
2 x 512mb ddr400 Kingmax with Tt copper HS
Mem timings TRAS7; TRCD3; TRP3; CAS2.5 (On Auto in BIOS)
Pixelview Golden LE 5900XT
Aerocool CPU cooler 3590rpm
CPU 53*c idle
System temp 33*c idle (is 33*c safe and how far can it go)
VCore 1.72
AGP aperture 64M
Everything rebuilded into a briefcase.

Plse I'm sick of that slow pc & too broke to upgrade.
Thanks for all your replies
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  1. When you say to its limits, do you mean, two steps below burning? Do you plan to use this chip ever again?
    Hell, go all out with liquid nitrogen or dry ice if you want to ( or are of legal age to purchase it)
  2. You've already got a somewhat decent OC going as your at a 400FSB and none of the 2400 XPs ran that that stock. You could up the voltage a bit more, but your temps will rise and it appears your AeroCool isn't going to like it. What voltage are you running the memory at? You should still be able to squeeze a bit more out of the memory but you may have to up the voltage and relax the timings a bit to get it.

    Read the guide that mpilchfamily suggested to see if it helps.
  3. Thanks for all your replies, that helped me alot. One more thing I'm running a 300W PSU do you think I need to upgrade, my memory voltage is at 2.7V & is my system temp of 33*c on the safe side.

    Thanks again
  4. You have a very good OC already.

    I'm running my XP2000+ (1.67GHz) at XP2600+ (2.1GHz). I think I could go higher, but I can't lock my PCI frequency, and it becomes unstable at about 172MHz FSB.
    And I can't set 200MHz FSB with my board, so I guess you have more luck than me.

    Anyway, if you can lock your PCI clock and AGP clock try increasing your FSB even more, in small increments (5MHz). Test after each increase. You may need to also lock your memory clock (if you can), and/or increase the timings.
    If you can't lock the PCI clock, you almost have reached your max already, because PCI can't take more than 35MHz, and that is calculated with a divider from your FSB (assuming you can't lock it).

    What temperatures are you getting?
  5. Quote:
    When my Barton was clocked at 2.6G it was running off a 300W generic PSU with the 9800.

    Don't forget to mention that aside from the generic PSU, you were using the best of the best components although from what I've read on the OP's Chaintech 7NJS motherboard almost has everything needed to attain a nice OC. He can boost the RAM voltage all the way up to 3.2V if needed as well boost the CPU voltage up to 2.150. No chipset voltage though.

    Interesting...Thoroughbred core but there were also Thorton cores running around. What's the difference (aside from voltage and bus)? Stepping??? I'm just curious as to why you classified it as a Tbred. Were the Thortons some kind of OEM XP and are just rare?
  6. Thanks. I often wondered, just not enough to look it up as...well, they don't show up much. Didn't think about the age issue either, but it wouldn't have mattered as I don't recall the time periods of when each core was introduced.
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