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I've had this issue since buying the machine and never got round to seeing if this is an isolated issue or completely common (either for ATI or all gfx cards)...

Im running a peice of software, a game model viewer, the actual game itself is highly CPU intensive and GFX power only helps for AA/AF n stuff really, however on the primary monitor the frame rate is fine, no worries with it at all. But the moment i move it over to the secondary monitor it just grinds to a halt.
Im talking 80-120fps to 1-4fps, and i just wondered if this is commonplace while running dual monitors?

PC spec
Pent D 2.66 @ 3.8ghz (thanks to THG!)
2gb Geil Ultra DDR2-800
x1900xtx + AC ATICooler
Monitors = Viewsonic 19" vx924 (3ms if you believe all that)

Software & Drivers
WinXP sp2
Catalyst 6.8 (been same for all driver versions before this)
UltraMon 2.63 (shouldnt affect things IMO anyway)

Any suggestions or pointers to try and find out why the 2nd monitor simply doesnt have/get the grunt it needs and how i can fix this?

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  1. I've been using dual monitors for a while, and i can definitely confirm there are 'issues' like this with 3d and video applicaitons

    I have had various video apps refusing to display at all on one screen or stuttering etc. And yes, definietly framerate reductions when having 3d on one screen compared to another (or even worse if trying to stretch a 3d window across both).

    So basically... enjoy dual monitors, but don't be too ambitious :) Just figure out what works and stick with it.
  2. yeah dont do that. The video card when you move it to the second and run it on both hence doubles the resalution its rendering at if you know what i mean. Take my monitor for instance. 1920x1200 resalution now if i move it to the second screen while also having it on the main screen take 1920x1200 x 2 I'm sure they never thought about people doing it or so little people do they never optimised either the cards or driver to allow it. It isnt the x1900xtx its happened on all the video cards i used.
  3. Thanks for the replys guys, I was considering the mobo and then the GFX card to see if that solved the problem as I have seen problems which have led me to question if these are working properly, i guess it seems they are :(

    Im talking about being able to run something at 1280x1024 on the primary, and then on the secondary i can reduce the window down to any size i wish, and it makes no difference, its about 4fps and thats it. I can stretch the viewer over both monitors and get the exact same frame rate, as having it very small on the 2nd alone, its the 2nd monitor which seems to drag things down to the gutter.
    The secondary monitor processing is definately inferior to that of the primary, its like its there purely for cosmetic reasons and its fine for windows apps, but id imagine anything graphic intensive would struggle.
  4. second monitor wasnt ment to run 3d graphics thats where the problem lies i should have been more clear about that. When i wanted to run 3d on two monitors in hte past i always got two video cards that werent in any sort of sli configuration. So the GPU's of both recognised each connection as a main.
  5. oh well, not to worry, I got the 2nd monitor because i wanted to move to LCD and didnt like the fact that that to have 1600x1200 it'd cost a fortune and someone suggested its cheaper to buy 2 and have 2560x1024, and thats the way i went with it, just seems a bit pointless having 2 supposedly fast reaction speed monitors if only 1 can really be utilised but its ideal for work so thats the main thing, its just that its great for getting higher-res screenshots :D

    Thanks for putting me out of my misery :)
  6. I agree i wish they would fix this "bug" but multi monitor setups have typicaly been used for office applications not gaming :( LCD monitors now for the most part are no more expensive then equialy sized CRT's were when they were the main monitor in fact alot of LCD's are cheaper then the old CRT counterparts. my 24" was $850 around there give or take my old viewsonic 21" pro series was $860. I do miss the higher resalutions of my old 21" but 1920x1200 is good enough i suppose.
  7. I run dual monitors on a x1900xts, 17" and 20" LCD at native resolution using apps like 3dmax and have no idea what you talking about. I assume this is some kind of real-time game engine. I personally don't have any issues in XP.
  8. He is talking about spreading a picture acrost two monitors. I should add while doing dual monitor as long as i didnt over lap a 3D game onto both monitors at once it ran just fine but the second it overlapped even 1 pixle i get this problem. It also only does this when running a 3d application such as a game.
  9. Hi,

    interesting, the 'app' i run is a games CMX viewer to view skins for the game Live for Speed.
    CMX viewer is here: http://www.liveforspeed.net/file_lfs.php?name=LFS_VIEWER_S2S_ALPHA.zip

    The game itself is heavily CPU orientated, it only uses DX8, and graphics cards only act to process the textures and then its AA/AF type features i guess, the CPU is doing a hell of a lot of work, but this is the game model viewer, maybe thats a bit greadier?

    Its bad the second it touches the secondary monitor, whether crossing both or all inside the secondary, its bad. fullscreen or stupidly small, it makes little difference, it just doesnt perform.
    Often i maximise over both screens, but the difference between dinky on secondary and maximised over both is noticeable, the screen usually goes black while im guessing it loads up textures, then its up and probably runs around 0.5 fps compared to about 2-4 fps any size purely on the secondary monitor

    Screenshot from the CMX viewer:
    quickly knocked that skin out for a race a few hours ago

    In-game shot, done dual horizontal and then resized:
    pretty impressive for DX8 i think.
  10. Now im totaly confused :-/ not by your explination but why its happening. Like i had stated when i wasnt over lapping the problem went away. I'm not exactly sure why it happens only how to cause it to do so. If possible a link to the program and a file to open like one your using perhaps i could see if it happens to me as well. I believe my cpu is much more powerfull then yours so if i dont get the same problem we could test your theory. If i do get the same problem we can assume it resides with hte video card.
  11. the first link in the above post will allow you to view the models in 3D, the issue exists with this as much as it does the game itself and at 20mb its pretty reasonable too, you wont need skin textures, cant remember if it includes a couple with it or not though, probably only has a default skin with faked shaddowing.

    I definately have a hardware issue somewhere, however i started this thread wondering if this was normal or not, my GFX card wants to underclock itself heavily and my mobo originally denied that it was made by ASUS when trying to update the BIOS. ATITool the ATI OC'ing tool used to create some odd looking distortions on my screen while running its little rotating cube, however games all run just fine, im sure my CPU is acting like a wonderful bottleneck but for now it fits my requirements for 'LFS' and BF2/2142 and the rest is standard desktop applications.
  12. It want to underclock its self? not sure if your aware but the new ATI cards normaly underclock them selves when not being pushed like when playing a game. Once you start to stress the card it pushs the clock speed up to what you saw on the specs when buying the card. Your right the detail in that screen shot is vary impressive looking almost to good for DX8 :D do you know what engine it runs on? depending on hte engine you could tell if its a cpu oriented or GFX card. unreal based engines (games) are heavy dependant on the CPU. I'm downloading the program now maybe a little instruction on how to use it for at least the test? A sample file if needed doesnt have to be anything you dont want out it simply only has to reproduce the problem.
  13. Ok so i loaded it loaded a object set my monitor to extend desktop its not giving me any problems with frames that im able to notice. For refference i have a movie playing while doing this to see if there is any noticable slow down to the system i got no stuttering. I also opened the task manager to see cpu status it jumps when i move it but does nothing sits at about 2% when im not moving the window. is there some sort of demo mode?
  14. LFS is developed by just 3 guys, its there own engine from scratch, they've basically released the project in stages, from Demo to S1 (stage 1, but goes by the name 'S1') and last year S2, still probably another 2-3 years till the finished version 'S3' (using DirectX, probably v10 now) is available, its far from a complete sim, but what it does have is more advanced than any other sim i've picked up, and i've been through plenty!

    The viewer isnt that complex, its just as it says on the tin, it allows you to view a particular car model, and then you select which 'skin' you want to see, then you can rotate it in full 3D.

    The particular skin in the links above are for the 'FXR - FXO GTR'.
    Click 'Load CMX'
    Select 'FXR - FXO GTR' from the list
    You should have the basic FXR model available to rotate and zoom in on the exterior and interior etc.
    If you click 'Default' from the top left, you'll get the list of paintjobs for that model.

    example skin to try:

    Thats about it really, theres small things you can play with, but its not a creation tool, just a viewing tool to speed up the skinning of the models. Previously it had to be done in-game from the garage and you had to name the file something different each time otherwise it wouldnt see changes.... very messy! thats about it though really.
  15. No, no auto-rotation or anything fancy really, but from what you've said its definately completely different at this end. Fraps says 2fps for it on the other screen. Taskman gives 15-30% while idle, 40-50% while moving, thats the Viewer_S2.exe process, whole system is hitting about 60-75%

    Movies are fine on that screen, i tend to watch them on that monitor too, and i cant say theres any other issues with other types of applications, just gaming it seems.
  16. Unfortinatly fxr_default is the only skin im able to select but i suspect it wouldnt matter either way the test failed to reproduce the problem. I dont want to say its your video card causing the issue but it could be the problem hopefully its under a warrent. Just to note i use the omega drivers instead of the default ATI drivers but i doubt that would change much.
  17. I had a simler problem once. Part of my problem was a random spike in cpu activity almost able to set a watch by it actualy. I had some sort of virus on my system a reload fixed it and never saw it again.I would say scan your system but for me that never works once its on im screwed but keeping it off has shown to be quite easy. Also what sort of things are running is your computer loading alot of applications sitting in hte TSR bar? Might want to check your process's to see what exactly is sucking up the cpu time.

    Not sure if it matters but here is the card_cfg it created

    Adapter Select 0
    Adapter Name Radeon X1900 Series (Omega 3.8.273)
    Use HVS 1
    ZBD Select 2
    Simple Track 0
    Haze 1
  18. Just tried a couple things, having dual screens but displaying the same thing on both, not a problem at all :?

    It shouldnt be any harder for it putting it on just one of two screens, it has to make the same calculations surely.
    I doubt its application/virus based, it'd be one of most wasteful uses of a virus, something that attacks the 3D processing power of whatevers on the secondary monitor... seems too bizarre to be true.
    Guess i'll try and get it replaced, only problem being that its a work/game machine, i pretty much live off it so having the machine inactive while they prance around with my card isnt something im looking forward to.

    I'll give them a try, i did contact the company early on saying theres some odd things going on, they bounced me to another department who never replied and i eventually carried on with things as they were just happy to have the new machine up and running.

    Well, at least we've come to some sort of a conclusion on whats going on, looks like ive got some chasing down to do!
  19. Sorry i couldnt be of more help in the matter the problems we had seem to be a bit different. I mentioned the virus thing just because it could explain the high cpu use thats not normal to have your cpu being used so much idle. If there is anything i can help with let me know. But if its only happeneing to the second monitor then i assume its a video card problem but im far from the formost expert on this problem so dont take what i say at face value. Good luck tracing it/or getting a replacment video card and like i said let me know if i can do anything else.
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