Lost a drive?

Hello all, first off, the backround:

AMD 3800+
Asus K8N Deluxe
2 74GB Raptors
2 120 GB Maxtors
MSI 7600gt
Antec TruPower 550

I'm running my drives in two raid sets, paired off the raptors and the maxtors together. Thing is, windows just dropped the maxtors from the system. I can still identify the drives in the RAID config utility(both are still configured as normal), the Silicon Image raid set even reports the drives and thier capacities, serial numbers,etc through windows device manager. The drives report fine in a second box I have.

The crap of it is, the volume doesn't show up in the Drive Management cp. The raid set is still good, as I took both drives to another box running the same mobo, and it works. I've moved all the Sata cables around the four ports on the mobo in every config possible, the computer still boots, but windows won't report the drive(s).

I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should try next, so any help would be appreciated. Also, It seemed to coincide with the completion of a virus scan by Trend Micro Internet security. I checked to see if it had quarantined the whole drive, but nada.
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  1. The array works find in another system with the same motherboard but no longer shows up in disc management in the orriginal system?

    My first assumption would be a driver issue. To rule out a software problem I would restore from a previous backup image. If you haven't bothered with backups then you can try reinstalling the drivers, but to be 100% certain the problme doesn't lie with the software you may have to do a clean install.

    My 2nd guess would be that you are overlooking something simple. My advice would be to not assume anything and double check everything.

    If all else fails, I would begin to suspect the motherboard's RAID controller was defective and take steps to test that hypothesis.
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