First build in the process--(CPU Problem)

Hello, I'm in the process of building my first E6300 system.

I check the bio, and I noticed that I had a very high CPU temp, around 65-80.

Also, whenver I first turn on my pc, all the fans would start to spinning except my CPU fan, about 5 seconds after I turn on my pc, the cpu will start to this normal?

Another thing is that in the bio pc health statu, the cpu fan speed would be something like 1600-1800, however, it's shown 0 for the system fans.

This is my first build, please help me out along the way.
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  1. What motherboard are you using? Other system specs too?
  2. First off the system fans wont be monitored unless plugged directly on the motherboard with these little connector...

    Second off yeah, more system specs could help.

    The cpu fan should start spinning as soon as you open the computer. Try this, start the computer with the side open and as soon as you open up the computer give a little spin/flick/whatever on the fan see if it might start it. You might have a sligly defective fan that gets (stuck) between two steps. If so you should change it.

    You should also make sur the heatsink is properly mounted and well secured on the motherboard, you should be able to move it or rock it when its in place.
  3. check and make sure you didnt plug the fan into the chipset fan connector
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