Gigabyte DQ6 or ASUS P5B Deluxe???

I am builting a conroe based pc with a C2D E6600, 2gb ddr2-800 and ati x1900xtx 512mb. I want this system for almost everything but mostly for gaming. i also want to overclock it a bit but later. from what i read in the forum DQ6 and P5B deluxe r both excelent mobos but i cant decide which of them to choose? I think that the asus one is better but it has a lot of bios and other problems especialy with 6300 and 6400. can u please help me to choose one?

I m not interested for XF or SLI i just want to use the second PCIE for a physics card later.
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  1. I think if you arent overclock much the P5B would proove a better value. Its gotten BIOS revisions that allow higher overclocks and unlocked multipliers.
  2. DQ6 for sure
  3. Quote:
    DQ6 for sure

    For just $15 than the DQ6 you could get a Asus P5W DH ( or a Abit AW9D-MAX wich both currently carry the most Mhz crown.
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