What else do I need - 1st time build-not a rate my system

This is not a rate my system question...I've done that elsewhere and am pretty close. I'll probably post it one more time just before purchase.

However, I'm a newbie at building an entire system from scratch (have replaced most components but one at a time except for the CPU). I'm planning to get mostly retail packages so I think that will ensure that I have all the necessary cables. But I'd like to find out if there is anything else I might need that being new at the game I would find myself either missing or build without and cause instability.

Thermal paste?
Any cables?
Anything else someone with lots of experience can suggest?

Basic plan is stock HSF with mild O/C using air cooling only, core 2 Duo based system.
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  1. Since you are OCing, get a tube of artic silver 5. its like $8 and will have more than enough in it for you to reseat your HSF a couple of times.

    Also, some rubbing alcohol or isopropyl if you dont have some already to clean teh HSF.

    Can't think of anything in particular you might need to build a computer.......a screwdriver maybe? 8)

    good luck
  2. ok i know you said its not a rate my system, but if you list all the parts you plan on buying(with links) it will be eaiser to guide you on what things you might have forgotten to get and maybe advise some changes. This way you might be able to get a better system for less :D
  3. Make sure you have enough fans in your case, typically a front intake and a rear exhaust, 120mm if possible.
    Forgotten peripherals may include a surge protector and/or UPS, and a mic or headset if you want to use programs like Teamspeak while gaming.
    Do you need a mouse pad? Wrist rest (KB and/or mouse) ?
    If you're going to be in it a lot and your case doesn't come with them, a set of thumbscrews might come in handy.
    Throw some chump change at some round drive cables for better airflow.
  4. You can also sand the bottom of the HSF and get beter temps that way. Google it cause its not as straight forward as it sounds.
  5. Don't forget...

    - mouse and keyboard
    - video cable (often but not always included w/ monitor... seldom included w/ video card)
    - opperating system (could happen... if concentrating on hardware too much)
    - floppy disk drive (not necessary, but some builds need drivers that are only provided on floppy disk. this occurs w/ some SATA controllers still)
    - ethernet cable (was probably provided w/ your cable/dsl modem, but worth checking)

    - ATA cable for your cd/dvd drive (should come w/ motherboard if retail... not OEM)
    - floppy disk cable (should come w/ motherboard if retail... not OEM)
    (ATA and floppy cable should be the rounded type. if Mobo comes w/ ribbon type, buy your own. They allow better air flow).

    - SATA cable(s) (should come w/ motherboard if retail... not OEM... check that you get one for EACH hard drive)

    - SATA power connector... will likely be one of the long cables dangling from your power supply if using a recent power supply, but if using an old discount PS may not have it

    One each of flat, philips, and Torx-15 screwdrivers... might not need any, but which ever you don't have will be the one you need.

    strap on static discharge grounding device... never seen this do anything, and have built many systems without using it... but if you want to go by the book, you should be grounded at all times

    tweezers, needle-nose plyers, or forceps... for picking up little screws that you may drop in the nooks and crannies of your motherboard where your fingers are just too big to reach. Also good if you have to mess w/ jumpers on ATA devices or motherboard.

    lots of light, including a flashlight... there always seems to be some dar shadowy area...

    A large uncluttered flat surface to work on.
  6. Well since you asked...

    COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW Black Aluminum Bezel, SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail
    Model #: CAC-T05-UW

    GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 Socket T (LGA 775) Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
    Model #: GA-965P-DS3

    eVGA 512-P2-N573-AR Geforce 7900GTO 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail

    ENERMAX Whisper II EG565P-VE FMA(24P) ATX12V 535W Power Supply - Retail
    Model #: EG565P-VE FMA(24P)

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6400 - Retail

    pqi TURBO 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model PQI25400-2GDB - Retail
    Model #: PQI25400-2GDB

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

    LITE-ON 16X DVD±R DVD Burner W/LightScribe and 5X DVD-RAM Write Black ATAPI/E-IDE Model SHM-165H6S - Retail

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional With SP2B 1 Pack - OEM

    Both the memory and the Vcard are subject to change as I continue to read and watch prices. I expect to buy something in the next few weeks more than likely.

    I plan to use the monitor and IDE HD from my old computer and will probably get a external enclosure for the HD. I will use the keyboard and mouse as well. I was thinking of using the floppy drive if necessary but I've used it so little even with my old system (and mostly for backing up small files) that I'm not sure it's necessary (though it won't match 8O )
  8. Awwww

    Building would be much more interesting after the beer

  9. Quote:
    I was thinking of using the floppy drive if necessary but I've used it so little even with my old system (and mostly for backing up small files) that I'm not sure it's necessary (though it won't match 8O )

    you have to hook up the floppy drive as it is needed to install sata drivers.

    first of all, when you get your new mobo, using your current comp and look on the cd for sata/raid drivers and it should let you unload them onto a floppy disk. when you go to load on windows and it has the blue screen where it loads drivers at the very start, this is where you have to hit F6 when prompted.

    after you have sucessfully installed windows and everything works, you can just disconnect the floppy drive. this is the way i did it since my old floppy drive is white and my new case is silver.
  10. Another thing to note is that unless you intend to use a RAID configuration you do not need a FDD see page 32 of your mobo manual, which can be found here for those wishing to jump up and down bleating about SATA drivers needing to be installed :-http://europe.giga-byte.com/FileList/Manual/motherboard_manual_ga-965p-ds3_e.pdf , my #2 rig has 6 SATA drives no IDE drives and no FDD was harmed or required in its construction
  11. when i was building my x2 3800 s939 rig, i need a floppy drive to load the sata drivers using 'F6' at start of windows install. how did you do it if you didnt use a floppy drive? just so i know for future reference.
  12. On my board the AN832x there is a setting in BIOS under Intergrated Peripherals - Onboard SATA Mode IDE or RAID, set to IDE the board now treats the SATA drives as ATA drives and uses the first one available unless told otherwise in the Advanced BIOS Features - Hard Disk Boot Priority setting. easy peasy lemon squeezy :lol:
  13. oh rite thanks for that. mine is the cheaper a8n vm-csm, i just have the choice to enable or disable raid.

    i just assumed that you would always have to load satas drivers when installing xp and vista(should) have default sata drivers with it.
  14. Have you tried an install with raid disabled and if so what happened?.
  15. no i haven't tried it. i never thought about it that much. the first time i forgot to load the drivers when installing xp and it never showed up( i installed windows on an old ide hdd and planned to have sata hdd as backup as its hot-pluggable) i worked out that this was the prob and since then everytime i have reinstalled xp have always loaded the drivers.

    i'll try it next time but that could be anytime from this week to next year :D
  16. Look into liquid cooling. The way new hardware is coming out these days its worth it. If not then a nice big thermaltake fan that you can adjust the speed on. I like my computers to be seen not heard. Look into some sound dampening mats. Usually comes with enough for one case.

  17. You plan on installing your OS on the same drive as you keep your data ?
  18. Quote:
    You plan on installing your OS on the same drive as you keep your data ?

    Yup, it's worked fine for the last 6 years.

    I don't have lot of data
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