Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe or Asus P5N-SLI?

This is my first time building a rig, and i don't know which mobo is better. I want a mobo that supports Core 2 and SLI, and I like Asus. So I came across these two mobos. Can anyone help me decide which one should I get? Or is there some better choices? Thanx
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  1. I had this decision to make not to long ago. Reason i went with the SE Deluxe is becuz of the more mature nforce4 chipset. Both boards will do the job but seeing as the 570 is practically brand new i try to stay away from that type of stuff simply becuz it hasnt proven itself yet. Both boards are based on the nforce chipset so neither is going to overclock worth a crap. But if you want full bandwidth PCIe x16 the P5N32-Sli SE Deluxe is the way to go. If PCIe bandwidth is no big deal to you then both boards are good.

    Its all personal preference and what u want out of you board.

    My recommendation is the SE Deluxe since there is more upgradibility and reliability there. But to be honest once the 590's come out with the new C55's i will probably be switching again soon and ebaying my SE Deluxe.
  2. thanx for the input!!
  3. If you want conroe you have to get the P5N32 SLI SE version.

    The old P5N32 SLI does not suport conroe aka revision 1.0 MBs (but they are cheap)

    As for upgrades: They both have the same number of PCI, SATA ports all the same features etc etc.

    They are both PCIe 16X ie the older one was also had the name P5N "32" SLI deluxe.

    There are few MBs that suport conroe + SLI. So you have made a good choice with a P5N32 SLI SE.

    In my experience the MB does not OC as well as 975x based chipsets....
  4. thank you for your input, that helps alot :D
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