how much of a performance increase will i get from my specs now if i got a core 2 6300......nforce570......this memory.....and a 6600 256mb ddr mem.....iam thinkin its goin to bottle neck.....just goin to be a hold over untill i get really good ram and a 1950gt
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  1. hahah ur a dumas...jkjk i mean a nvidia 6600 with 256 mb drr ram.....the grahics card....
  2. fyi my current specs are in my post signature....
  3. is everyone on the ssame page now!?!?!?
  4. i cant wait my computer suxxxxxxx ass.....answer my ? tho
  5. dude the 6600 is like 40 bucks....and when i have money for 7950gt ill just sell it for like 20 i wasted 20 bucks its worrth it imo
  6. Ever heard of the Asrock 775Dual-VSTA ?

    This would be a dirt cheap upgrade as the mobo itself is quite inexpensive, C2D ready and is compatible with DDR, DDR2, AGP & PCI-e, allowing to transition from AGP & DDR to DDR2 and PCI-e without having to change your motherboard.

    Just pair it up with an E6300 or E6400, migrate your current memory and GPU then upgrade them when you can afford to.
  7. my suggestion is: get e6300 p965 or 975x mobo, corsair memory(ddr2 533 if you are not ocing), and 6600 will do the job until dx10(in my opinion don't even think about 1950 xt or 7950..., save up money for dx10 instead)
  8. Since your straight outta compton I would reccomend a new 9ine.
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