Why is my 3DMark06 Score sooo low!? Read n help me!

I'm currently running this system :

Asus P5ND2-SLI
Pentium D 805 @ 3.7GHz
Generic 1Gb DDR2 533MHz
Asus EN6600 Silence 128Mb
Segate SATA 80Gb - Windows
Hitachi Deskstar SATA 400Gb - Data
Antec Super Lanboy
OCZ GameXStream 600w Silent
Koolance Exos-Al Watercooling
XSPC Zern.At LGA775 Waterblock
Pioneer 111D DVD+/-RW DL
Acer AL1916W 19" Widescreen TFT

So this isn't really a bad system, for what i paid for it... is it!?

Why can i not get a higher score than 1066 in 3DMark06!? Am i doing something stupidly wrong, or is my system terrible!?

I play Battlefield 2 alot, and it runs so well - i'm just baffled to why i get such low 3DMark scores :S
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  1. your GPU.

    when I was using a 6600GT - AGP, I was getting 1300ish on '06. played BF2 well enough at 1280x1024 though.

    can't comment on whether it was worth what you paid for it, as I don't know what you paid for it... and we probably don't need to know either, prices change so fast it will always be dissappointing to get a current answer to that question...
  2. Battlefield2 running well is all subjective of course. The Geforce 6600 is pretty much the lowest of the low end at this point.
  3. i have to agree, its your videocard

    edit; now if you had a 68gt you would score around 3000
    or a 78gt around 4500 or 5000 probably.

    i have the 68gt and score 3200 and 5500 sli,ed
  4. Don't worry about your 3d mark 06 score for now. If you are happy with your current gaming experience(s).

    Just keep in mind you will be needing to upgrade in 6 to 12 months if you plan to run Windows Vista DX10 games.

    By then you will have several DX10 compatable video cards to choose from.

    Don't worry, be happy.
  5. jqb is right if you are happy with your current setup
    wait and upgrade to the newer cards later

    dont worry to much about benchmarks
  6. did you order a pair of the 79gtos?
  7. Quote:
    did you order a pair of the 79gtos?

    Single GTO, 665/1580 (so in theory a slight underclock on memory) 60C

    getting consistent 99Fps in BF2 1280x1024, with everything high x2AA (80fpsx4AA) + rivatuner showing stats in second screen.

    Then this happens...

    HMMM blue....
  8. would that be a driver issue since the 79gto is new or what?

    it looked like you showed 60c as temp but that shouldnt
    be a problem?
  9. Clock the memory down a few mhz and try that. If that doesn't work it must be heat. 60c usually won't cause any artifacting but I guess it is possible with the new card, haven't seen much data on them yet.

    I kinda like the blue anyway, makes it cool looking :P
  10. Its odd that nvidia auto detect lets me push core higher (680), but downclocks ram to 750ish 1500equiv.

    So perhaps this is 1.4ns ram, which would tally with 750 ish (or lower 714)

    Might try drivers, but didn't like 91.47 last time I tried them.

    But it does look V cool though.

    60C should not be a problem, it 1 yellow bar in nvidia speak..

    only had it two days, plenty of time for testing yet...
  11. well if 60c is the load temp dont worry too much
    my 68gt has run at load 110c before (ouch thats hot)
    i can cook breakfast on it.

    and when i run them in sli they idle at 70 and load at 100c HURT ME :lol:
  12. Quote:
    did you order a pair of the 79gtos?
    Yes, the 7800GTs just weren't cutting it anymore.
  13. Well as people of said, if i am happy with gaming then all be well!

    I did use a 7300GS which scored even less marks, and played BF2 horribly... i had no end of problems!
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