x200 Integrated 256mb shared memory

Well I need more performance out of this and i cant upgrade for now is there any specific drivers that work better for this card please i play counterstrike:source and keep a study 40+ fps in most maps but in some areas it dipps into below 30's which is bad :/
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  1. Are you talking about xpress 200?If you are there really isnt any drivers thatll let you better your performance.A new pci-e card,almost any,will help you
  2. Ya i kinda guessed that is there any video cards $200 below in canadian money
  3. Heres a link http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Category=38&N=2010380048+4017+1069609641+1068309611&Submit=ENE&SubCategory=48 tho you may not do so well in Canada as they may not ship to you there.Id reccomend the 7900gs ot the 1900 gt.maybe a bit more than 200 CAD but well worth it for a few bucks more IMHO
  4. well this is a link to my computer http://www.hp.ca/products/static/pavilion-desktops/a1357c-b/index.php
    some people told me maybe it cant hold up to those higher end cards so i am not sure
  5. OK,did some research,you have the amberine m mother board.itll work fine for your pci-e card,tho youll need to upgrade your power.I couldnt find the specs on your PSU(power supply) tho I believe its a 300 watter,not good enough for a good(7900gs or 1900gt) graphics card.Youll have to upgrade your psu as well,or go with a lower pci-e card.Not sure if your psu could handle even say a 1600gt or a 7600gt Tho those last 2 gpu's will be ALOT better than the 200 integrated you currently have
  6. o this link and check your entire system off the list,including desired gfx card.I do believe you have a 300 watt psu,see if you have enuff power heres the link http://www.extreme.outervision.com/
  7. Im not sure i filled in what i knew but that was only half the stuff and it reached 366 watts but on the list of video cards i had to choose x300 but some of the stuff im not sure of :/ im kind of dont know alot about computer parts.
  8. From what I remember about the stuff in your computer,you have maybe two regular pci cards,1 hard drive maybe one extra systen fan,and your cpu.Sorry bout not getting back to you had to leave my house.Ill go check it myself.OK,heres the news.With a 7900gs youll need at least 420 watts from a good power supply,maybe forty watts less from a lesser graphics card.But believe meI had the same set-up mother board as well as radeon xpress 200 integrated graphics as you.I added a good 420 watt psu and added a huge graphics card(very high wattage)Tho you do have a few more things on your computer than me,I think a 420 to 450 watt psu should be your first step,thwen go with at least a 1600 ati or a 7600 nvidia card,may be a lil more than you want to spend but belive me when I say everything visual will get LOTS better John
  9. If you;re canadia go to tigerdirect.ca or ncix.ca

    there were 7600 GTs under $200 CDN, the last time I checked. Great for the $$ in Canada.
  10. Quote:
    If you;re canadia go to tigerdirect.ca or ncix.ca

    there were 7600 GTs under $200 CDN, the last time I checked. Great for the $$ in Canada.

  11. I was looking at this card http://forum.ncix.com/forums/index.php?mode=showthread&msg_id=977264&threadid=977264&forum=208&product_id=16382&msgcount=2&overclockid=0#CustomerReviews
    But i prolly wont upgrade for a while anyway

    Thanks for all your help guys and thanks alot John :D :) :D
  12. Is XFX a good company ??
    I heard alot about eVGA ?
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