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Ok, I have an idea about the best should be this Netgear Wireless MIMO G RANGEMAX Router With 4-Port Switch. I have experienced using this, and it is great. My house is a double story, with a compound-house lot is around 7000sq ft. So, having a RANGEMAX, will result in higher range-which may actually be a bad thing. Another thing I want is a secure AP. I am not so sure how secure is the RANGEMAX with non-MIMO. So recommend me one. Hopefully not SMC and Prolink, the connection is very weak. But if there is no difference between non MIMO and MIMO in terms of security then I actually don't mind. Only that The RANGEMAX has a steep price.
BTW, for now, 1 wireless laptop, 1 wired pc. Wired pc online 24/7. Wireless laptop has a Centrino. Anything that can support BT and azurues, games and ease of file transfer or any pc can directly connect to the printer. The printer uses a USB port, I found few routers using serial for printer connection.

So far I have seen:

I have used a D-link 4 port router. I like the auto-connect, though I don't really care about security on that one since all must be wired.
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  1. You might want to check out the Netgear FWG114P. It is part of netgears buisness line and has a built in USB print server. Though you will probably want to check around and see if it is compatible with your printer. USB printservers can be iffy if they dont come from the manufacturer who made the printer. It also has all of those wireless security goodies, WEP, WPA, etc.

    If you dont use a MIMO card in your wireless clients you may suffer some unreliability. I have played with some MIMO gear and it only seemed to be happy with MIMO cards. The internal wireless cards in my laptops would not reliably stay connected (IBM atheros a/b/g, intel 2200bg). You will probably get more range, performance, and reliability if you stick to tried and true standards for now (802.11b, 802.11g).

    MIMO, Rangemax, etc do not offer any additional security features. MIMO allows for more bandwidth (would only be noticed w/ file transfers). MIMOs bandwidth increase will only be noticeable if you have a MIMO card in your wireless clients as well. Rangemax is probably just badged on there when they up the mw to the antennas amp.
  2. I am just using it in the home. Its a great router, but slightly expansive. The reviews are mixed on this one as well.
    I have use the netgear MIMO RANGEMAX, but with normal centrino laptop. Nothing wrong there. The coverage is good. Maybe I will buy just that or the
    Linksys WRT54GS. Can the Linksys WRT54GS pass thru 4/5 walls?
  3. Most router with wireless built in uses low gain antennas. I went an USR5054 AP connected to a router. This USR comes with dual 5 dbi gain antennas. I have a 2400 sqft home and it will reach all the way across my house, through 5 walls on medium power. I am still able to use large packets ( 125 mbps). at that distance.

    I'm also using their pcmci card. The wireless that came in my NB was an excuse. About 1/3 the distance of the USR.

    I purchased a network laser printer. Got tired of the print servers. They worked, but were slow. I can now dump 100 pages in duplex mode in about 15 sec to the printer. It has over 144meg of onboard memory. Takes less the 4 minutes to print. I still have a color inkjet for doing photos.
  4. I have a linksys WAP54G at home in a room about 100ft away from where I sit and there are 4 walls between me and it (including exterior walls). I connect at 54mb and my signal strength sits at about 75% on my Thinkpad T42's internal atheros abg wireless card. With an amplified pcmcia card I get 54mb and full signal strength.
    Granted it is an older WAP54G from when they were at their prime but that WRT54GS should still be able to get close to that range. If you got a linksys pcmcia card with speedbooster you would probably get more range than internal wireless cards simply because it would be better matched with the AP.
    If you can find a plain old WRT54G I'd go for that. To get the most high quality and reliable signal between different companies devices stay away from all those new wireless gimicks (speedbooster, mimo, ragemax, etc). Just plain old 802.11g or 802.11b without any frills will give the best performance between wireless equpiment from different companies ie a linksys ap and the intel wireless card in the centrino laptop.
  5. Here is a link to an article where some intensive testing on wireless hardware was done. It tests with mfg hardware match and miss match. The results will surprise you.

    As you will see the USR seams to make the best PCMCI card at the time. I use one in my LT. With the USR5054 AP I can reach accros my house 65ft, 5 walls on low power setting. With connection speed at 54mbps, Execlent signal. I know for over 1 yr of use this card has execptional range. If I eliminate one wall my speed jumps up to 125.
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