New 0711 BIOS For P5B Deluxe/Wifi


P5B Deluxe Release BIOS version 0711
1. Fix DRAM frequency incorrectly display problem under auto, standard and AI N.O.S mode
2. Add check ATI CrossFire VGA card routine
3. Add ASUS Cross Graphics Impeller (ASUS C.G.I) feature
4. Reduce system full reset of times
5. Patch some VGA card can''t found when NB Vcore value has been set too high
6. Fix DDR frequency 889 unstable by SPD
7. Enable support for NVIDIA 7950GX2 cards under recovery mode
8. Fix CPU frequency not correct when use ES CPU and lock free fuction enable
9. Fix memory display message not correct under multi-language
10. Add new CPU Ucode to support Kentsfield B3 stepping CPU
11. Fix chassis fan 2 speed not correct when fan speed too low
12. Fix ATI CrossFire can''t work when using with 800FSB Prescott CPU
13. Enhance Chassis Q-Fan sensitivity
14. Improve memory compatibility
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