new pc running slower than expected

just built a new pc(e6300+965-ds3+seagate320+2gbcorsair) and its running a lot slower than expected,really dont know how to explain but for example on start up windows bar fills 11 times when i first set it up 2 days ago it would fill in like 2 and half, apps are hanging everyonce in a while and i have to endtask them. also ie isnt displaying names of sites in taskbar just one letter.
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  1. Antec NeoHE550W,7600gt
  2. Looks like it may be your Hard Drive. Run a registry cleaning program, and try defragging it. If it still doesn't improve, then you need to consider a different hardware issue.
  3. would bad hd also explain wierd one letter in IE?also running defrag now
  4. That definitely sounds like a registry issue. If running a registry cleaner doesn't help, try loading a restore point. Naturally, reformatting is always an option as a near-last resort.
  5. Speaking of Registry Cleaners, try CCleaner. It works wonders, and has helped a ton on my laptop.
  6. I agree.
  7. ok so dl ccleaner(thanks 7h3_7ru7h) and ran it,also defragmented hd didnt notice a difference in performance.another symptom my dvd burners(plextor/liteon) are responding slower than on old pc.
  8. virus spyware?

    How many services are running and background programs...

    Do you have Norton? Uninstalling it will solve 3/4ths of your problems.
  9. i'm running Nortan Internet security
  10. Norton = Bad.

    Basically, check what background apps you're running. Most of the user background tasks are not needed. Also, you can try going into MSConfig and seeing exactly what your PC launches when it boots up.
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