7800 GT Overheating Problem - Seeking Advice on OCing

Alright so my 7800 GT PCI-E 256MB card recently was overheating like crazy. This back part of the card was getting EXTREMELY hot, (the black part on the pic)

For a while I had a fan set up like this in an effort to quickly solve the problem in a ghetto rigged fashion.

I took out the card, opened up the fan bay and zomg, there were clumps of dust blocking the entire air intake towards the heat sinks.

I grinded a bit in WoW and here was my GPU temp chart after the cleaning:

So I ordered this ARCTIC COOLING AVC-NV5R3 NV Silencer Rev.3 from newegg. Will this really drop my GPU temp by 7-10 degrees?

Was that fan a good buy? I'm a total overclocking noob. Any have some advice on how I can get started on this card? What's the idea temp to have my GPU at? How far can I push this card? Is it worth pushing this card? Any advice is more than welcome, thanks in advance. :)
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  1. My 7900GT idles @ 53c and during GRAW was sitting @ 77c, thats with the coolbits hack on optimal setting 540/784. If yours is at 55c after a bit of gaming I would'nt get too concerned about it, if however it get really hot really quick and starts to smell a bit funky you might want to reach for a fire extinguisher. :lol:
  2. My 7800GT OC was running at 54C before cleaning and after cleaning it is running at 38C. I wouldn't really overclock your vid card because it won't be that big of a performance boost rather than ocing your cpu.
  3. I've tried both and truth be told I get more of a performance boost by turning up the graphics card than by running the CPU at 2.4ghz (although I do crank at times) because I'm running with cheapo RAM at the moment but hopefully that will be replaced when/if the price comes down to more reasonable levels, on the plus side however the amount of heat the box chucks out means that I don't have to worry about putting on any gas heaters this winter :lol: it is a little noisy though what with 5 case fans going (1 in, 4 out ) but it does me for the moment :)
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