Connecting components to PSU - all on 1 cable or split em up

I was wondering if it matters whether components are balanced among the different PSU cables or put as many as you can on 1 power cable.

For example, if there are 3 SATA drives and the PSU has 2 SATA power cables each with 3 plugs, is it better to use just one PSU cable for all 3 of the drives or would it be better to reduce the load on the first power cable and put 1 of the drives on the other power cable.

I'm wondering if it makes a difference in the PSU operation or anything else. I know that having one less cable coming down would benefit air circulation, but is that the only consideration?
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  1. I feel that having all the periphials on one cable will have minimal impact on the PSU, since all the big amp consuming parts have their own dedicated rails anyways these days. HDD's and Optical's take pity watts compared to CPU's and Graphics cards, so connect as many fans and drives as you want, it won't make much, if any of a difference.
  2. Just going off of my new Enermax Liberty user manual, it says that up to three HDD is OK but to avoid four on one cable. Right now, I have three SATA drives on one cable and everything is fine. Your brand of PSU might be different, but I trust the Enermax brand name and I'm going to follow their suggestion of NMT three HDD per cable.
  3. I balance my Seasonic S12 500. The first 12v rail powers 2 DVD ROMs and 3 IDE hard drives. The second 12v rail powers my X1900XT, the motherboards (yeah, there's a 12v molex on the mobo), and the rear case fan.
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