Scythe Ninja on NewEgg....when?

OK, I've been patient now where is it?
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  1. Only place I can find IN STOCK $49.99
  2. I would not hold your breath, here in the UK the lot where here and gone in one day from the distributor, they have even removed them from the product list :cry:

    They either are making nowhere near enough or are discontinuing it
  3. Well you clearly haven't been looking very hard - i just decided to check overclockers and....

    Seems in stock :D has been for the past few days as well.
  4. I never said I was looking to buy them as an end user :)

    I'm talking about there supply to distributors and thus to retailers

    I sell them for less that, but I could only get hold of 6 and its no longer in the purchase list
  5. You can get the Rev.B (wich comes with an AM2 bracket) in
  6. Jab-Tech too.
  7. Get the Thermalright Ultra 120 from JabTech. I did. I'll let you know how it works out once installed. Good luck.
  8. Found it at Newegg here. They call it the Scythe SCNJ-1000, but if you look on the box, you'll see:

  9. It's on Auto-Notify big guy. :wink:

    And the CrazyPC is out of stock too.

    You could consider the Scythe Mine as an alternative.
  10. Well it finally appeared on Newegg but at higher than retail price.

    I got tired of waiting and ordered yesterday from the link below. Ninja arrived today. Yiphee.
  11. ouch! $60, sounds like a rip off when the Infinity is two bucks LESS.
  12. Yes, I saw this earlier at Heatsinkfactory. It would appear Scythe is taking cues from Zalman. Cheaper than Newegg, but still more than the original version. Unfortunate indeed.
  13. The original version didnt come with a fan or the AM2 bracket so this is logical for a "new" heatsink. But it should definetly be cheaper than the Infinity (with was at $52 on the weekend) since its smaller. The demand for it I guess...
  14. I wrote a review for you guys know its the REV B

  15. Well, yes and no. The original was just called the Ninja and was passively cooled. The next version was called the Ninja Plus and it did come with a 1200rpm, 120mm fan. You could pick it up at Heatsinkfactory for $39.99 which made it one of (if not the) best performing heatsink for the money. As far as I can tell, the Ninja Plus and the Ninja Plus Rev. B are the same unit. The B just comes with a $13.00 BS AM2 bracket. :roll:

    Scythe just got kicked down a couple notches on my list for this one. Let's see where Thermalright goes.
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