Finally diving into water cooling (Pun intended?)

I am wanting to set up a DIY kit. I have read very much about it but would like some expert opinions when making my final decision.

I plan on using a Danger Den MAG II pump.

I am going to use Swiftech Apogee water block, and don't plan on cooling GPU right now.

I want to use 1/2" tubing (if that makes the most sense, let me know.)

Here is where I need help. I really want to have a totally internal kit, I move my PC a lot and it seems less dangerous and more accomodating to keep it internal.

Thus said, I plan on using a single 120mm radiator on my D805.
Does dual-pass vs. single-pass make a large difference in amount of heat dissapated? I have been looking at either Black Ice Pro or Black Ice Xtreme.
Is the advantages of dual-pass worth the extra $15 or so? I know it's not much, but if it isn't going to gain me anything to go for the Xtreme I can just as well keep it.

Can anyone recommend a good reservior (any bay or standalone is fine) for cheap (preferably from the website linked above, they seem to be cheap). And link to me from the website the clamps and hose I should get? I want to use UV red dye and I am just going to use distilled water I think.

Any suggestions other than the requested are very welcome! Keep in mind I am trying to make a budget kit, but with better performance than complete kits (ex: Bigwater SE, Gigabyte 3d Galaxy)
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  1. How much are you looking to spend? If it's the ~200 range check out this link from Dangerden. Otherwise the cheapest "ok" kit is possibly this one from thermaltake.
  2. I have looked at the 4101. I found it onsale for 199 bucks, but wont have the money until next friday (payday :)) I hope it stays on sale that long without running out of stock. Do you think it is the best bang for my buck for under $200? Also, if I ordered it, does it include every piece I need? I have Arctic Silver 5, so don't need that.

    Also, I found this kit for even cheaper, reviews look outstanding. It performed on par with the 745 kit, which has 3 radiators.
  3. For $130 that the TT 745 costs, you get everything needed and 2 radiators, or the cooling of 3, considering one of them is double sized and includes 3x 120mm fans with speed control...
    All connectors have screw on collars for leak free operation.
    And you could easily also add a GPU cooler into this system if desired.

    All in all, imo, the TT 745 is currently the best value for an entry/intermediate level cooling system.

    Later you can always upgrade the 745 with another pump or whatever your needs take you... even including a replacement Danger Den $70 pump leaves the TT 745 system cheaper than DD's entry kits.

    My TT 745 is only using the large size radiator and my overclocked Opteron 175 running at 2x 2.64GHz 1.5volts is staying cool at 30C... and I expect the temps would significantly drop lower if I added the other included radiator...
    Not bad for just a little over a hundred bucks... worth considering for sure.
  4. It's funny you should provide a link to that particular kit. I was putting together a DIY listing for you and, to meet your qualifications of mobility and conserve space, I was going to suggest this reservoir/pump combo (which the kit you mentioned has):

    Swiftech MCRES-1000P - Bay Reservoir and Pump Combo

    I like that kit you linked. It uses really good quality parts and the MCP350 pump that comes with it would be able to handle an additional waterblock. I say this from experience as I used that pump before I upgraded to the MCP655. The nice thing about that pump/reservoir combo is that it fits into a single 5 1/4 drivebay. You can mount the radbox assembly that comes with the kit to any 120mm exhaust or blowhole and hook the fan/rad up to that. It would definitely perform as well (if not better) than the Bigwater. It doed use 3/8 ID (instead of 1/2 ID) but, for your purposes, that is fine.

    Dual-pass is the most popular style of rad on the market because most people use high cfm fans. You would use the x-flow (single-pass) if you were using fans that didn't move as much air.Potentially, though, dual-pass has greater heat exchange.

    If you want to find out more about the BigWater 745, find RichPLS as I believe he uses that kit and would know more about it.
  5. Lol, now my decision just got even harder. I have looked hard at the 745, but it is just too big to fit into my little Antec SuperLanboy case. Rich posted about the kit at the same time as you :P Thanks guys! I think I am going to do the Swiftech kit. It seems very good for the size/price.

    Is it a really big difference between the single pass and dual pass? If performance isnt where I want it to be, I can always eBay the radiator and buy a dual pass.
  6. depends on the fan actually. Basically, a low powered fan that dosen't push as much air would be more effective with a single pass rad.

    Potentially, though, dual pass has better overhead for clearing heat - provided you use a higher cfm fan. Single pass rads were made to be used with lower cfm fans. I'll say this. In time, you'll eventually end up using dual-pass rads when your kit grows
  7. swiftec micro res is a nice small neat res.

    Do you think a single rad will surfice your 805???

    Yes use 1/2 inch ID tubes please
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