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these fans look prety nice, have any of you tried them?


i have a lian li case, with two exaust fans (one in top, on in back) and two inlet fans (both in front) and all of them are 80mm. i am looking to quiet my pc more (i have already made some changes, i got 3rd party cpu and gpu coolers), and i think these may help. i may even look at exanding my top 80mm fan to a 120, but we will see if i can build up the courage to rip into my nice aluminum case with a dremel.

lastly, has anyone found a good way to make these INLET fans? or are there any other highly recommended fans (that can be used as inlet fans)?
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  1. I have two suggestions, both involve the understanding that larger fans move more air with less noise.

    If you have room in your case use one of these:

    1) SILVERSTONE FN82 80mm Case Cooling Fan - Retail

    2) 80-120mm fan adapter (no dremel required)

    The plain fact is 80mm fans are noisy.
  2. excellent suggestion...
  3. Also, you didn't mention if you have a fan controller (aftermarket or on-board). Slowing down those 80mm's will help a lot. Switch to 120mm fans (if possible) and using a fan controller is your best bet.
  4. I thought lian li gave ADDA fans that are quite quiet as it is

    yate loons are probably your next step
  5. I have 2 of these acting as exhaust fans. They are quiet and keep the case cool even under load. Granted, mine are 120's. As noted below your first posted, I just ordered the silverstone 120mm as an intake fan. I currently have an Apevia but am looking for a little better airflow.
    I also have a 80mm Masscool I zip tied to the other side of the HDD cage to help accent the airflow from the 120 intake fan. It is also right in front of my VGA card (1900XT). My VGA doesnt run hotter than 65C under load.
    The 80mm is the noisiest fan in the box at full speed. If I have room I may move my old intake fan to the spot the 80 is in now or just wait and see how the Silverstone works by itself.
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