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Hey guys, Im trying to install my E6400. I have a P5B wifi. I cant get the Scythe Mine heatsink to click into the motherboard. Everytime I click one in, a thing on the other side of the processor snaps out. I tried clicking in the pins horizontal to each other and I cant seem to do it! either one, or neither click in! pleas help!
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  1. come on you guys. seriously. im getting sick of this.
  2. Quote:

    Honeymoon flashback jokes anyone?

    Seriously, I don't know if the Scythe Mine uses the Scythe Infinity mount, but you may want to check this out:
  3. i would sooner use the mounts that came with the cooler.
  4. I don't have a Scythe HSF, but from what I've been reading it seems that it's easy to install with your motherboard out of the case, and near impossible to install in the case.
  5. lol and thats the problem, i really dont want to take the mobo out, i have everything istalled, everything. just need to get the heatsink on the cpu and start installing windows
  6. Ouch.

    Hopefully somebody that has one knows a trick to installing it with the mobo already in.

    Good luck.
  7. nvm! I got it !!!
  8. it tooke some bloodshed but i got it ^^ w00t w00t.
  9. Congratulations :trophy:

    Thought for sure you would have to take the mobo out.
  10. I thought he was going to end up in my thread for a second there...
    @The Original Poster
    Congrats on getting it in. And nice thread title. It... caught.... my attention.
  11. oh no you guys, i turned on the computer, and nothing is showing up on the monitor. Then after a while the heatsink just kinda fell off. I tryed it again with out the heatsink (computer should still work). and the cpu got warm, the sytem shut off automatically after a minute or so. so does that mean the the cpu is actually working? what should I do? when I turn the sytem on the monitor's power button goes to green, but the monitor self check just flashes across the screen (always does it if no signal is being recieved). so I dont know what to do? did I break something? I looked in the manual and it said that the mobo beeps if stuff like keyboard and mouse arent hooked up, they arent hooked up and it doesnt beep. do i need speakers hooked up? please help.
  12. could i have installed the cpu wrong? but wouldnt that cause the cpu to not work at all (and thus not get hot) ???
  13. It, fell off?
    Remove the motherboard from the case and attach the heatsink that way.
    If the HSF isn't on don't try to run the computer.
  14. Your Mobo shoud be designed to shut the system down if the CPU gets too hot, which is what sounds like is happening.

    Looks like you will have to remove it to make sure your HSF is mounted securely.
  15. but you guys, shouldnt the computer still.. do something? in the short time the cpu is working before it overheats shouldnt it still try to post or something?
  16. would ram incompatibility be an issue? i have OCZ Platinum XTC 4-5-4

    please guys, this isnt good. i spent alot on this and i dont want something to not work. But i still wonder about the last question, shouldnt the system still be doing something like posting while the cpu is running? I mean seriously, it shouldnt just be sitting there, thats why I think something is broken.
  17. Well, first I would remove the mobo, and attch the HSF.
    Then reseat your RAM when you re-install everything.

    If it still doesn't work, try using just one stick of RAM at a time (Assuming you have two sticks).

    You may not have broken anything as it could be a RAM problem:
    I'm not sure if the Wifi has the same RAM problem as some of the other Core2Duo motherboards. Seems that some of them need a cheap stick of RAM to initially boot with, otherwise the timings aren't right and it won't boot. I'm not sure what the whole problem is as I don't have a C2D CPU and so I haven't been following the issue, but if you search the threads you should find a topic mentioning it.

    Still, you should probably post your complete system specs - especially your RAM make & model so that others may be able to help.

    Edit: I see you just did
  18. First calm down.
    Take a 30 minute breather.
    Then disassemble your entire PC.
    Start by putting the CPU into the socket.
    Apply thermal paste.
    Firmly apply HSF
    Put in RAM
    Make sure that you have your standoffs on your motherboard.
    Put your motherboard in your case.
    Make your connections.
    Try again with the installations.
  19. omg, i dont want to take everything apart! it took forever. it was anoying as hell! besides, i plan on taking it in to my teacher tomarow morning. but specs include

    P5B Deluxe wifi
    2gb pc6400 XTC
    2500WD hardrive
    and other unimportant stuff. but i need to go, so i cant ask more questions, i might be able to see what you guys posted, but my sister wants computer, so i cant spend time responding.
  20. Seriously, in this situation I'd recommend taking the motherboard out of the case to install the HSF. After you've done that, and have put the mobo back in its case, then you can put in your RAM, loading the DIMM 0 first.
    That shouldn't take too long. Just remember to take a 10 to 20 minute break and go get a beer or something.
  21. alright guys, I just tryed reinstalling the heatsink, and got it to work, and its staying on there, and it isnt wobbly so its on there good. this time while having it on, the computer shut down after about 2-3 minutes.and during the time the monitor turned to standby light, so its not getting anything. what you guys think, havent tryed just using 1 stick of ram, but still. shouldnt not be turning off? maybe somehow i have the cpu positioned wrongly and its not working? help
  22. You might have split a track or bust a solder joint on the motherboard by flexing it too much when you were pushing the heatsink on so hard instead of removing the mobo from the case.

    This a hobby that bites you back if you don't do everything slowly, patiently and properly.

    You might have zapped something too. Did you unplug the PC before working in it? Are you and the PC grounded for static somehow like you're wearing a wriststrap etc? Did you at least avoid working in a carpetted area?
  23. I'm quite sure that you have the CPU postioned correctly. Make sure of all your connections, check to see if there isn't anything casuing a short between the case and the motherboard and check out this Computer starts
    If all else fails, PM Wusy. Or just wait.
    Did you take that break like I told you to?
    I'm out anyways, I gotta find the perfect brew of coffee. See you in a hour.
  24. alright guys, heres the deal. I can get the heatsink on correctly, and it will work good for a while. but if I stand the computer upright it falls off after a while. I think I bent the mounts a little bit, and not it cant support the mines weight for to long. but the computer is working, the problem with it wasnt the heatsink at all. I made a nub mistake. I didnt have the ram all the way in :P but now its working. I just have to have the computer on its side so the scythe doesnt fall off. I dont know what to do about that. Im thinking im gonna leave it on its side until monday or tuesday, when my computer club teacher can look at it. but I have a question. The computer is formatting really freakin slow, and when i first put in windows xp disk, it loaded everything really slow. is something wrong? The hardrive format speed is concerning me. on the sytem im using now, it takes alot less time to format the hardrive, it is about half the size, but still, my new system is lightyears ahead of the system im using now, so i find it a little unsettling. could anyone shine some light on this?
  25. Once again do not run your system without the heatsink mounted properly. You are doing nothing but hurting your new system. the heatsink will not work correctly unless it is frimly fasten to the motherboard NOT just sitting on top of the cpu.

    Why do you post if you will not use the advice of the people here?
  26. earlier you said the hs fell off.

    if the copmuter was on it could have fried the cpu.

    it can happen in about 2 to 3 seconds.

    i mean to say the cpu can catchfire that quick.

    thg had a video of them pulling the hs off a cpu
    instant smoke :cry:
  27. You're making me bang my head into a wall from fustration. Check when the computer is off by turning the case upright and seeing if the HSF falls off.
    Did you remove the motherboard from the case and mount the heat sink and make sure that the plugs went thru the mounting holes and locked?
    You keep running the CPU under these conditions and you'll end up on my thread. The Worst PC Screw Ups thread. You don't want that to happen.
  28. Dude you REALLY should of just taken the mobo out and THEN installed the HS/F. Would of saved you time, hassle and possibly the cost of a new HS/F.
  29. When I was a kid -- oh, about age 12 or 13 -- I had a friend that liked to make model airplanes, the same as me. Only, it would take me about a week to painstakingly put one together, paint it and then carefully apply the decals. My friend would put the same model kit together in ONE DAY.
    The difference, of course, is that my finished airplane looked just like the picture on the box -- and my friend's looked like crap.

    This is a hobby that rewards those who are methodical, careful and precise and punishes those who are impatient, rushed or careless.

    Please follow DaSickNinja's advice and take a breather. Take the entire computer apart, then reassemble it SLOWLY and CAREFULLY.
    And if you can't get the Scythe HSF to work, remember there is nothing wrong with the stock HSF for that CPU -- assuming you got a retail version and not OEM. At this point it might be worth it just to use the stock HSF to save yourself some aggravation.

    Oh, one more piece of advice. Check the packaging that came with the Scythe HSF. There should be aparts list, preferably an illustration showing all the parts and how they go together.
    Did you install everything? Are you sure you only used the right parts for your motherboard's socket? Is that HSF a type that only fits the INtel socket or did it come with parts to also fit an AMD? Did you only use the parts that fit the INtel socket?
    Does that HSF require a special backplate that fits on the back of the motherboard? Did you install that backplate before trying to mount the heat sink fan? If that HSF has parts for both AMD and Intel, are you sure you used the Intel backplate and not the AMD one?
  30. double post sorry
  31. doh!
  32. If you still have the boxed HSF you can use the mount plugs from that if you've damaged the ones on the Scythe. Just be real careful when removing them with a knife or (flathead) screwdriver.
  33. Crual,

    These folks have told you the answer. Many people prebuild their system outside of the case as a just to make sure thing..

    The recommendation still stands and you still are not listening.

    You asked for help but do not like the proper answer..

    These folks are trying to actually save you "time and money"

    Please listen to them... This especially:

  34. 5$ you end up frying something! the reason: impatience, and not listenning. In a war you would be dead already! :D

    And yeah as mentionned, you would have actually saved some time if you took the mobo appart!

    Always setup the cpu and HSF before mouting the mobo!!!

    If the HSF seams to be ok, but falls, you probably damaged some of the "connecting pins", inspect them, , the little white part can be bent, also make sur the arrow are pointing outside, rotated 90 degree.
  35. Quote:
    You're making me bang my head into a wall from fustration. Check when the computer is off by turning the case upright and seeing if the HSF falls off.
    Did you remove the motherboard from the case and mount the heat sink and make sure that the plugs went thru the mounting holes and locked?
    You keep running the CPU under these conditions and you'll end up on my thread. The Worst PC Screw Ups thread. You don't want that to happen.

    Add this one.... Its already earned a place in your list. Somewhere near the top, I'd think.
  36. Will do.
  37. We may seem a bit harsh about this, but we can't bear to see a perfectly good C2D burn up without the benifit of overclocking the hell outta it.... and we want to save you money. So please, just listen to what I wrote. Remove the motherboard and then put on the heatsink. You'll give me less heart burn. And make me stop drinking so much coffee.
  38. levicki: crualtortus! No!!! Do not go through the minefield!!! Go around!
    crualtortus: omg, i dont want go around! it takes forever. it is anoying as hell!
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    crualtortus: I will dash through it, I will pass for su... KABOOM!!!
    levicki (shakes head): Tsk, tsk, tsk... young people are so impatient these days.
  39. Dear god, not you again.
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  44. lol you guys act as if my computer is gonna die. Its working, Im using it right now! And I must say it is amazing. and the heatsink is on correctly. my temp is around 40 idle. not sure if thats good or not. the only computer store around here that sells thermal paste only sells some cheap shit. but besides that, not to bad. I had overclocked it to 2.4, and the the temp under light load was about 45. not sure if thats good or not. you guys should advise me on some overclocking tips or something. im running the memory and voltages on auto cause this is my first time ever. but yeah, just checkin in on you guys to let you know im alright. did i mention the thing is insane? its so fast compared to my other comp that i was loosing it.
  45. You have never seena CPU catch on fire so I would believe you don't know the dangers of an improperly mounted HSF. We just get really twtchy when directions are not followed, especailly with expensive hardware.
    Nice to see you rig works. Hope that it brings you much fun and pleasure.
  46. Good Deal!!


    Just wanted to make sure that is why I used such bold statement....

    Get the point across.... :)
  47. thanks all for the help. My computer is so awsome. I can do like 5 different things at once and the computer wont even bog down. its awsome as h3ll
  48. alright you guys. more problems :\ My computer was working fine, I did a couple things, windows update, play games typical user stuff, then shut computer down (it shut down fine); and went to work. came home, turned on computer, and it said read disk error, restart. I tried dinkering around with it and couldnt get it to boot. so I tried reformatting. wouldnt let me. it said that some file or something was fucked and if i reformat something could be damaged. so I tried quick format. everything seemed to be going ok, it was formating and stuff. then when the computer got done with that it rebooted, and some file was missing so it couldnt boot. So I tried reformatting again, this time the long version. it actually was working. it got to 100 percent, sat there for a minute or so, then said that the disk is damaged. so what do I do? i think the hardrive crapped out, but why? i used it like for like 3 days. by the way it a WD2500SD.
  49. .... what... the... hell...
    Your best option is to call the manufacturer and RMA the component. I'm not sure how this could have happened but since this is a hard drive problem I do believe that it could be better addressed in a more appropriate portion of the Forumz. Such as here.
    Then again someone here could have the quick answer.
    And for the grace of God and all things holy, listen to us this time. [/exasperated]
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