Intel stock heatsink removal

Ok I feel dumb in asking this but I just got my Scythe Ninja in, how do I take off this damn Intel (Core2Duo) heatsink with these plastic clip things? Do I need to push the plastic up from the bottom with a screwdriver or something? I hope not because I'm afraid Ill slip and scrape the bottom of the mobo (DS3) or something. Thanks.
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  1. Nevermind I found it, you twist the pushpins with a screw driver or something. Turns out 2 of my pins werent properly installed since they didnt "click" out. Lets see how my Ninja install goes. Wish me luck :)
  2. Have fun. I put on my Infinity last night. Took three tries heh but thats because it's too huge for fun.
  3. Oh it was fun alright. When I would press 1 pin down, the other one would pop back up. After much frustration I just pushed both pins down at the same time not caring if I cracked the motherboard. After finally getting the heatsink on and the mobo into the case, I realized I couldnt screw in the top screw and connect on of the power connectors without first removing my power supply.

    All in all I was rewarded with a nice 31-32c temperature on bootup (from 47-48c) so Im extremely happy. Now how to figure out how to OC it, but thats another section of the forum :)
  4. Ok, I have another problem now. My computer is so quiet now that I can hear my little fridge I have here in my room. Do they make heatsinks and fans for a Sanyo half-height fridge? :P
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