x2 3800 + stuck wont clock

my setup,

Althon X2 3800+ 2.0
corsair ddr2 pc5300 2GB CL4
64 freezer pro
bios 203, default

I dont see whats wrong with the CPU but it wont overlock i cloked it to 2.4 through the bios and when it restarts it freezes ont he bios screen when it says "press DEl to enter the bios" i have to reset it and then it works fine.
but when i check at AI booster its either at 2.2 or 2.190, when it sarts up there is a sudden flash of 2.4 but it just changes to 2.19. im new to overlcoking

i set everything on auto in the bios but the CPU frequency HTT?
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  1. M2N-E is the problem. Is not for overclock.
  2. I dunno, I'm getting a pretty hefty overclock on my cpu so far and I'm still on the stock cooler. Getting to 2.3 is as high as I can go right now with stock, but I have a zalman on the way. I agree the M2N-E COULD have a few more overclocking options, just so we can get the most out of things (like a higher RAM voltage max) but it's not bad in terms of overclockability.
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