Switching from old to new processor- where is the sweet spot

Help !

I am a gaming fanatic, and a Photoshop junkie.

I have a AMD Athlon64 3.0 and 1GB of memory with a 6800 Video card.

I am looking to upgrade soon, and am wondering where i can get the best bang for my buck or if I should wait awhile. Nobidy does performance comparisons any more between supoer old and super new. I really want to know how much performance I can expect and at which price point. Thanks for your advice.
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  1. Are you on socket 754 or 939? If you're on 939, you could upgrade to a dual-core CPU; if you're on 754, you're stuck to a single-core CPU.

    I'll second Prozac's reccomendation to wait a while for quad-core CPUs, next-gen video cards, and Windows Vista. You still have a decent computer, one that will play any game out there, so it won't kill you to wait.
  2. I'm with Fishy, get more RAM and a better (and cheap) chip. With all the devolpments happening daily, its in your best intrests to wait for the quads to come out.
  3. SysOpt did a recent review of the A8R32-MVP Deluxe with an A64 3200+, compare that to its Core 2 reviews since the benchmarks are the same.
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