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Ok, I am having a tough time deciding on a video card, so i decide to check out tomshardware's extensive VGA chart. Well under there i discovered that the 1900xtx, non-crossfire, was faster than the 7950GX2 in EVERY game. Amazed i rembered that the 1950xtx was released and i went to the review entitle "So you want a RAM Revolution", to find out how much faster it was. I then discovered sumthing interesting, even the 1950xtx performed worse than the 7950GX2. Stumped i traceld to other websites only to discover that the 7950GX2 is indeed faster than a single 1900xtx and 1950xtx. So im wondering if anyone else had noticed this. Also im guessing that indeed the 7950GX2 is faster
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  1. The drivers that nvidia has for sli are not exactly perfect, as a result at lower resolutions they can be bested by weaker cards, you see the peformace gaps in resolutions 1600 and up.
  2. the best highend card to get rite now would be the x1950xtx
  3. the nvidia is by far and away the faster card (show me an ATI card that can smash 10,000 in 3d mark 06 ;) , we all know benchmarks are not a good guide to gaming perf but thats pretry impressive you have to agree) , when Guru3d gets back up and running check their forums , unfortunately though Nvidia are still playing catch up with the drivers , their getting there with standard sli but still having issues with GX2 cards.

    Ive looked at Toms Hardware comparrison tables and having owned a few of the cards on there find them to be wholly innacurate im sorry to say :?

    Ive directed alot of people to them comparrison charts in the past thinking they are a good guide to buying , but it seems there not , DOH :oops:
  4. The benefits of multiple GPUs isn't apparent until you hit higher resolutions with high levels of AA.

    At lower resolutions and less AA, top-tire single cards will best it in many cases.
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