The Dark Knight Rises Sucked?

Why is everyone saying the Dark Knight Rises sucked? I understand they made stupid mistakes in the movie, with regard to the whole "climb" concept. I agree the jump was a joke and he could have just climed the rope.
But that doesn't mean I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. So many people are now saying it sucks. :(
Is that really the general opinion? :o
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  1. Probably because of the ending maybe?

    A lot of people hated Star Trek Nemesis because Data sacrificed himself, but that was why they brought B4 on the scene, because I don't think we've seen the end of Data at all.

    The action in ST Nemesis was excellent as far as I am concerned especially the ship battle scenes, and so was the action in DK Rises, so is Batman actually dead?
  2. One thing to keep in mind that rope was old school, probably heavy as f*ck. Im willing to bet 40+ pounds hanging off of you.

    I giggled at the scene where Ras's daughter died that dramatic death in the truck, and then Gordon steps out of the back like nothing happened.
  3. Wahahaha :D
  4. haven't seen it yet, can't wait till it comes our tuesday!
  5. I've heard people say it sucks... but they're just being picky Batman fan boys. It may not be as good as some people wanted, but they can't make everything they want in a small time frame such as a movie.
  6. Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy are the best batman movies you're ever going to see.
  7. It didnt suck. Its just that there is a very high expectation for this movie since The Dark Knight was really good.
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