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I 've got a question. I have a laptop with a 2.66 Ghz Celeron CPU. Can i upgrade the cpu using a 2.2 Pentium 4 M CPU.
The current CPU is the SL7DL CELERON D 2.66/256/533 and the new CPU is the SL6VB Pentium 4 M 2.2 Ghz/512/400.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You probably can, if the CPU isn't soldered to the socket. They're both the PGA 478 socket so I guess there shouldn't b a compatibility issue there.
  2. What do you do on your laptop where your 2.66 Celeron doesn't hold up?
    I mean, the Celeron is not the greatest, but it should be fine for normal laptop tasks I think...
  3. You probably need a Bios upgrade before you do that.
    You could check with the manufacturer to see which CPUs are supported or research the manufacturer of the board.
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