7600GT SLI - if you know about SLI please Respond


I was just about to buy another Geforce 7600GT and I was wondering a few things before I actually purchased the card. My system specs are as follows:
AMD 3800+ X2.
Asus M2N SLI - Deluxe,
2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR800 Ram,
Geforce 7600GT(PV-T73G-UDE3),
Creative Labs X-FI extreme Music,
Coolermaster 550w SLI Capable Power Supply.

My question is what 7600GT do I have to buy? I've been looking arond and have noticed that I cannot find my card anymore by the part number, I can find one with similar specs, but not the same one by part number. Did Nvidia release a revised card? If so, how does this hurt my SLI capabilities? Can I just pick the revised card with my specifications and run them in SLI? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Yo dude ANY 7600GT will be ok regardless of memory size i.e 256/512 or maker i.e Asus,XFX,Gainward etc. So long as the GPU's have the same core you're ok.

    If any one out there knows different please speak up :)
  2. what if the memory and gpu clock speeds are different?

    edit: thanks for the response also :)
  3. Quote:
    what if the memory and gpu clock speeds are different?

    edit: thanks for the response also :)

    right now it would be simply pointless to buy another 7600GT, not only would it deliver less performance than a Single 7900GT, Dx10 cards are right around the corner which will provide a leap in performance. i recommend either waiting and sticking with your 7600GT to get a dx10 card or get a 7900GT, or a better and cheaper option would be the X1900GT from Ati, both cards will beat a 7600GT in an SLi setup, what you have to know is that two midrange cards in SLi is no good,

    so it goes like X1900GT=>7900GT>2x7600GT>7600GT, save the money for one good card
  4. I am of the belief that the faster card would slow down to match, no intervention on your part would be required, part of the 'beauty' of Sli :)
  5. I'm probably not going to buy a DX10 card as soon as they come out. It'll be way out of my price range. Knowing that I have at least a year before I will upgrade the graphics card, is it still pointless to get another 7600GT? I've seen the benchmarks and it does not seem that bad, almost doubles the performance of a single card. Is it really not worth it in my situation?
  6. It's pointless to have any two mid-range cards.
  7. I don't understand why it is pointless. I mean it does do something. At least it does in the benchmarks I have been reading. Its usually good for 15-30 fps increase in most of them. So I guess I just don't see it being pointless. I know its not the most cost effective thing in the world to do, but instead of spending an additional 200+ dollars on a card that I should have bought in the first place, wouldn't it be more cost effective at this point to by another 7600GT and link them up for nearly the same performance? I mean it only has to last a year and I only need an additional 10 FPS to get to the "sweet spot" in my games.

    Also, thanks for all the responses. I am not arguing with you, I just want to see why people seem to be so against this.
  8. If you want 2x7600GT's then go right ahead and get another one, at the end of the day it's your money and your choice how and on what you spend it, I keep seeing far to many posts on this forum from posters who seem to get really upset with the that OP's that don't 'do as their told' and get an xt1900xt or C2D or whatever, especially when like in your case the OP has asked a specific question about something and is not fielding for opinions.

    Rant over :lol:
  9. TO be honest with you, I already purchased it this afternoon. I really appreciate all the input, sorry to make you go on a rant or whatever. I just feel that with my current setup resulting from the decisions I made in the past, a 50% increase in framerates would warrant the expense on the card. I know that the 7900 series is much better in all regards to even two of these cards, but I do think that this move will pay off for me. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Once again, thanks for all the help.

    Now on to the crappy X-Fi/system instability problem I've been having....
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