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I'm fairly new to the whole overclocking world. I just bought a XFX 6800XT 256MB AGP card 350mhz Core / 500mhz memory. Despite most peoples views on the card, it's all fairly relative. I've had 9600PRO and 9800PRO and a 6600GT (in that order). It is out performing them all immensly in my opinion.

Now i've been studying and reviewing boards and guides and such. trying out different tools and testing benchmarks. For $125 i grabbed this card and it's doing amazing, i'm getting 47FPS average in F.E.A.R. stress test on High settings with 4x AA and 8X AF.

I am stuck with a NV41 chip which i found was not unlockable -_-. So far though I've been able to get about 30% performance boost out of it when overclocked.

I have it clocked at 440mhz Core / 625mhz (1250) Memory.

It's running around 54 degrees idle and so far I've seen a maximum of 71 degrees under load after running ATI tool artifact test for 1.5 hours. I've also been playing Doom 3, Half-Life2, Quake4, and BF1942 and I haven't seen any artifacts or problems occur.

Still being new I just want to pass it by some people with more experience, is this safe for my card?

AMD 64 3500+
1GB PC-3200 RAM
Maxtor 160GB SATA
XFX 6800XT 256mb agp
16x DVD Burner

3Dmark05 - 4127 (I'm not even sure if this is a good score)
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  1. Should be fine as far as temps go, although cooler is always better. Also, why are you using ATITool for a Nvidia card? Also, is your CPU overclocked at all?
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