Old PIII 1 Ghz CPU temps 54 c

I've got a PIII 1 Ghz (coppermine) that I've just started monitoring the temp
on the CPU and found it running about 54 c at idle with the system running 24 c
at idle. It's been mostly running fine for the past few years although it
locked up once in a while. I never gave it much thought until I decided to
check out the temps. It's not overclocked. It had the stock Intel
fan/heatsink on it and I replaced it with a Coolermaster and Arctic Silver 5
and it hasn't helped. I've reapplied AS5 twice making sure to not use too much but it didn't help. I have one case fan in the back blowing out the air.

It's not clear just what I can do about (what I think) these high temps and I'd like to keep using the system yet as it's still mostly functional.

Anyone have thoughts?

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  1. Might want to see if you can get another fan install some where in the front of the case.

    1 Fan in the rear can't really pull cool air to the CPU.

    I guess if you could open the side panel, an use a reg house fan to blow air in the case and get lower temps. You might just have really bad airflow.

    My old Thunderbird setup PC case has really bad airflow, and it does have a front and rear fan. Temps for it are in the 50's as well. :lol:
  2. Thanks for the feedback grimmy. Somewhat nice to hear of similar temps in similar generation of CPU. I pointed a 12" house fan in the open case right at the MB and it didn't seem to help. I guess I'll put up with it until it dies.

  3. NP.

    Actually my Thunderbird is 1Ghz, so it should be a good comparison.

    The main problem with my case, it has 80mm in the front, but a 40mm in the back. The video card has lingering heat that the HSF ends up as a feedback loop hole. I ended up using another 40mm (or was it 60mm? can't remember) fan with cardboard to duct that heat away from where the CPU HSF would take it in, through some un-used com port panels. :lol:

    There's actually more heat coming from the ducted one I made vs the actual rear 40mm fan.

    Also using wide IDE ribbon cables keeps air from the front fan from pushing cool air, though I've done everything to tuck it out of the way.

    I did think about installing a 120mm fan on the side panel, which would require me to cut a hole. :lol:

    Also, when I have 52-54C idle temps, is when my room temp is around 78-80F. When it's cooler, like 70F, my idle temps drop to about 47C. The lowest I've seen it was 42-45C, but the bedroom was abit.. burrrrrr 68F cold.

    I know I'd get somewhat cooler temps with the side panel off. I'm lil surprized that a house fan didn't bring it some relief of heat.
  4. Here's a pic of what I did for just cardboard ducting with a small fan, through the com port holes (lol the scotch tape isn't holding well, might have ta redo it):

    Lil dusty, yes I'm a smoker :lol:

    Also screen shot off VNC on my linux desktop:

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