Crossfire cards by their lonesome - WILL THEY WORK?

I'm posting this one in response to another thread I've started regarding doing a frugal yet effective rebuild of my system. One of the cards recommended to me was a ATi Radeon X1900 GT, but the one newegg has listed on their site in question is a connect 3d with item # N82E16814142075 and is a crossfire edition card. I was told it should work by itself like an original card, but I doubt this if memory serves. It's the only ones newegg has on their site. Can anyone confirm that this card will work by itself?
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  1. It's a bit cheaper to buy no XFire edition cards... don't know why you buy a master card first... shrug
  2. This would be the X1900 series card to get, but it's currently out of stock.

    This isn't a bad deal either.
  3. The x1900 CF card is clocked exactly like the 1900xt, so unless you are planning on going for CF, you may want to rethink. My 1900xt is plenty for me at this time. I built my new rig in April, and I'm not going to get Vista for a good long while; so the trick is what is a cheaper upgrade when I need one?
    If I can find a 1900CF edition for under $300 later, or spend @ $160 on Vista upgrade plus $400 on a DX10 card. Choice 3 is to live with it, and drink more beer. No choice at all, really.
  4. Sneaky wording, but I am pretty sure that is not a crossfire edition (master card). As was mentioned, X1900 master cards are clocked like a X1900XT.
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