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I own a Buffalo WZR-RS-G54 air station. I set it up as a PPTP server for connecting to my LAN. It works fine. Remote users can get into the LAN and access all the LAN resources but while they are on the LAN they can not go the internet. VPN clients can resolve the internet FCDN to IP address through the DNS but nothing happens after that. Every body else on the LAN side have no problem accessing the internet but not the remote users. It looks like the VPN clients do not have any idea what the default gateway is on the LAN side router. Any feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Need clarification.

    Users are at home using the internet. They connect to your LAN via VPN and can no longer access the internet?

    Ideally, they'll connect to the internet using their own Gateway and bypass your LAN. The VPN allows connection to your LAN only.

    Any other configuration I would have to sit down and really think about it. It seems somewhat excessive in forcing a VPN user to go out to the internet, hit your LAN, then use your ISP/Internet, instead of just using the current one they're on.
  2. Thanks Riser,

    Here is more detail. Users dial in to a dialup server located outside of the LAN segment of the company. So the users are not using another ISPs. After connecting to the dialup server they connect to the VPN server hence at that point they have access to LAN resources. But they are not able to get into the internet through company's ISP. One thing I noticed is the VPN client does not know what the LAN's default gateway is. Thanks again

  3. What's the dial in user's gateway compared to what it should be?
    Your VPN software should be able to configure this for them or your DHCP server should be handing out the gateway information to them.
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