PCI Express 2.0?

hey everyone! well i was reading up on graphics cards today and i came across this interesting link:


I was wondering if anyone knows if the dx10 cards will be pci-e 2 or will it come out later or will it be both? It seems to be in the same timeframe as when the dx10 cards are out. wouldn't it also help with the increased power consumption and extra processing power?
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  1. http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/10/06/amd_ati_roadmap/

    Says the next chipset from ati will support the second generation pci express bus.
  2. found another good link


    It looks like the old pcie cards will work in pcie 2.0 but not vise versa.

    "Slot Power Limit Changes to allow for higher powered slots, which support the newer, high-performance graphics cards. This new feature works in tandem with the 300W Card Electro-mechanical specification"
    It looks like this will solve the problem with the high power reqiurements of the new dx10 cards.

    It has double the bandwith and double the power so wouldn't it make sense for them to switch to this if there switching to dx10 anyway? it would probably make the new cards much more appealing as well.
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