Identical GFX cards in SLI??


I currently have an XFX Geforce 7900 GTX (YDER). Factory clock speeds are 675mhz CPU & 850mhz (1.7ghz) memory.

My question is if i want to upgrade to SLI do i have to get the EXACT same card as above or can i get a card with different clock speeds? Would the faster card just lower its clock rates to match that of the slower card?

I guess my question is... How identical do GFX cards have to be in order to be able run them in SLI mode?

Many Thanks!!
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  1. No. If you'd even scroll down a little you'd seen this covered.

    No worries though, :wink:
    you need same GPU. So any 7900GTX will work with any 7900GTX. Brands and clock speeds don't matter anymore.
  2. I apologise i did look but obviously not hard enough !

    Thanks for your help anyways!
  3. If you are willing to mod the bios, it could even be a 7950GT or a 7900GT that you paired it with.

    Of course then you'd loose even more clock speeds on the faster card.
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