LiteOn DVDRW doesn't recognize blank DVDs rootkit problem?

I have a LiteOn DVDRW SOHW-1633S and it has stopped recognizing blank DVDs, it says as if there is no disk on the tray.
Since I installed xp I didn't disable the autorun feature, so can it be a problem of a rootkit not letting me burn dvd's ?

Core2 6300
ASRock 775i65G
SuperTalent 512 Mb DDR400 x2
WD2500KS 250 Gb 16Mb
Antec SmartPower 350W
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  1. Try disabling the auto run, go into my computer and right click on your burner then click on properties then click on auto play and then in the drop down menu for like cd or dvd movie select take no action then click apply. This may help but not a gaurentee, I ahd a MadDog dvd burner that started out having intermittent problems recognising blank dvd media then it got to the point that it no longer recognised any type of disc I put in it. One other thing that may help would be to uninstall the driver for it in device manager under the dvd/cd rom drives and restart your pc, after restarting your pc should recognise it as a new drive and Windows should reinstall the drivers for it. After that I would go back into device manager and under the IDE/ATAPI Conntrollers in either your primary or secondary controller make sure that it is operating in Ultra DMA mode 2.
  2. hi.
    i also have problems regornized my blanc dvd-r in my dvd-rw,
    the solution i found in that problem is to open the drive and close till the media rengonized.
    also this problems varies from the type of media you use, id manufactor code.
    if the media are good there will be no broblem.
  3. The blank dvd's are the same as I had always used, I had never done a firmware update to an optical drive so I am afraid of screwing it.

    The thing is if the drive always recognized these blank dvd's, why it has stopped recognizing them?

    So far my 3 options are(IMO):

    Reinstall xp
    upgrade firmware
    buy a new optical drive
  4. With cheap media the quality controll standards arent that good, you could have run into a batch of bad discs, the media I.D. of the disc could have changed which means that a different company could be making the discs or the type of dyes used have been changed. As for firmware updates its actualy a good thing to do as they usualy address newly discovered problems or newer media that has come out. The media I.D of your meida will tell who its made by and sometimes what dyes were used. Updating your drives firmware may help but its not always a gaurentee to fix a problem. Have you ever used a lens cleaner in your burner? I use one about once a month in all my drives and stand alone dvd players. Do you know what firmware version your Lite On 1633S has? The latest firmware version is BSOY. Before updating the firmware you need to make sure that it will apply to your burner, some OEM burners that come preinstalled in your pc by the pc manufacturer may use firmware specific to them. Did your burner com preinstalled in your pc? If so what is the make and model of your pc. Flashing a drive with the wrong firmware can wreck it so can flashing the firmware with a disc in the drive.
    Heres a couple of links to a few dvd burning websites I am often on.
  5. I bought the drive Oem and I installed it myself, it is with the factory default firmware.
  6. OK, that info actualy helps alot in finding the correct firmware version, some OEM burners are limited to the pc manufacturer`s firmware releases only. Heres a link to the lates firmware version for your burner. BSOY is the latest, it may help with your problem it may not. First few things I would try before buying a new burner would be the firmware update, some good media like Verbatim and a dvd lens cleaner.
  7. hi.
    updating firmware is a good think,and usually used to describe the new media info that needed by a drive.
    as for media for id-manufactur,u can use dvd-indentifier to tell you the id.
    also keep in mind that many media from the same package could not been writen at all,due to unknown reason to me.
    it is a common problem.
  8. I dont think I ever used Dvd Identifier, may have just dont remember, I use VSO Inspector. I find this website also helpful for looking up media I.D. and what brands have a particular media I.D. I have used probably close to a thousand Verbatim and Taiyo Yudens discs and may have had maybe two bad discs total. When backing up a movie I always burn to a +RW disc frist and check it to make sure everything works fine and the video quality is good, if it is I simply burn it again onto a regular +R or -R disc I use Verbatim DL media on occasion if the required amount of compression is pretty high and the video quality isnt to good. I booktype +R/+RW & +R DL media to read as Dvd-Rom for better playback compatibility.
  9. Well I updated the firmware yesterday from BSOH to BSOY and the drive still doesn't recognize the blank dvd's.

    I will try to uninstall again the burning software, but my guess is that is time to start thinking in buying another dvdrw. :(

    Thank you all guys for the support.
  10. What burning software are you useing? In your burning software did you try reselecting your drive after updating the firmware? Some dvd burning programs you need to do so.
  11. I had the same thing happen with a new LiteOn CDRW once, never purchased that brand again.
  12. I know some people that swear by LiteOn drives and I also know some that wont ever buy them again. From what I have read is that LiteOn dvd burners tend to have a long lead-in burn time. I dont know this for myself as I never owned a LiteOn.
  13. Problem is likely hardware. I have had a few fail this way.

    At least burners are cheap now.
  14. Yeah it definitely sounds like a hardware problem, you can pick up a good burner from now for about $30.00-$40.00 after shipping.
    I recently had a MadDog dvd burner start doing the same, it would recognise some discs but not all, some blank dvd`s it would recognise while at other times it wouldnt, the same with dvd movies.
  15. Perhaps in the future newegg will ship to southamerica :wink: but is ok I can buy one here for about U$S 60. I also believe LiteOn are good at least my cdrw/dvd, my machine runs 12 hours a day 7 days a week, my other guess is that dust might have covered the dvd writing lens because it can burn cd's indeed, perhaps the dvd lens is more fragile.

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