Internet sharing using a USB hub

Currently a have cable modem attached to PC1 via USB.
Wife's getting fed up of me nicking PC1 to go gaming at a friends during the week so going to get her a PC too.

Thoughts were to plug both PC1 and PC2 and the USB output from the modem into a 4 port USB hub.

Will they talk to each other or more specifically could PC1 still get access to internet and could PC2 get access to the internet ?.

Only PC1 or PC2 will be on at 1 time accessing the internet.
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  1. I would buy a USB router and then both PCs can access the Internet.
    The way you would set it up is:

    USB Modem ----- Router ------------PC1

    The Modem gets a I.P address from your service provider and then shares the connection out to any device you connect tot the router.

    A good example of this can be found here:
  2. Thanks for answering.

    I was trying to find out if there was any other option to a router.

    I was hoping to avoid having to buy a router until the kids were a bit older and would want internet access at which time (currently 6 1/2) i was going to go wireless.

    Was hoping to get round the issue in the short term by the USB hub route, so back to the orginal question, would it work ?
  3. No problem. A USB hub will do the trick.

  4. Thanks.
  5. Something like this will work for you:

    Click me !
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