SLI 7900gt? OR 7950GT?

SO I purchased oblivion and wow!

AMD +3700
ANTEC NEo He 550 watt psu
EVGA 7900gt 500 mhz Clock/ 1500Mhz memory
2x 1GB Corsair ram EXPERT timings I think

Trouble is I have a LCD monitor native 1600x1200.
I have everything maxed out with HDR enabled. THink is , when I got walking around in the fields its starts to slowly respond.

SHould I get another EVGA 7900tgt and SLI.
I was also thinking getting and FX-60.

What would better perform my gaming for OBLIVION?
PLZ help me out here. WOuld CPU or GFX Better perform for me?
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  1. What about the 7950gt? Will one be like having EVGA 7900gt's in SLI?
  2. How does your game play feel agian ?

    what u mean it slowly responds ?
  3. it would lag in the middle of the forest, my guess is that the FPS is in the single digits, because there are lots of visual detaails taht need to be claculated, and Im wondering if its my GFX card or my CPU. when I walk in the field it will kinda stutter, but If im in the field while battling then it would really slow down.
  4. At 1600x1200 SLI is better most of the time.
  5. Prozac, I know you is an ATI fan, would you recommend 2x7900gt SLI?
    Or a ATI x1900xtx? or xt
  6. Just get an X1900XT 256MB and resell your 7900GT.
  7. I'm not really a fan. Got a better deal, so went with ATI.

    if you can get a 7900GT at good price, then totally get it, and SLI.

    If an X1900XT is close to the 7900GT, then it'll be a better buy.
  8. why not the 512 edition?
    Is ther anything in particular that you like about ati, rather than SLI'ing dual 7900gt?
  9. The X1900XT 256MB performs almost identically to the 512MB version and can be had for $240. Also, the X1x00 series can use antialiasing with OpenEXR FP16 HDR.
  10. I have the Evga 7900gt CO with 500mhz clock and 1500 mhz ram. I cant seem to find the exact same model of what I bought but I did find the KO edition of the 7900. Its has the same mem and core frequency, SHould I really stick with the exact same card for running SLI, or can it be a little different, whats the PRos AND CONS of having a slightly different card in SLI?
  11. Go for the SLI! It'll be the biggest performance improvement. Getting the 7950GT will bring you around a 5% performance increase over your single 7900GT so it's not worth it.
  12. Thanks you've really helped uot in answering my question.
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