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Hi Guys I Have some question about roaming profiles, maybe some can answer.
First I would like to know if there are any risks to roaming profiles and if so what would they be?
Second can you use VPN to gain access to your profile?

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  1. When you ask if there are any risks what exactly do you mean ? Technical/Security ?

    Roaming profiles are easy to implemement and the only major bugbear I have found is logon/logoff times may increase dramatically over slow connections and/or if the user copies large files to their desktop.

    Using folder redirection with romaing profiles is a good idea (Click me !)

    No reason why roaming profiles should not work via VPN. The whole idea of VPN is that you will be part of the local LAN.

    Good luck !
  2. That is great advice thanks for that, just a couple more questions, How would you use VPN to hook up to your roaming profile? Roaming Profiles can only be accessed from inside the network? and does roaming profiles work on with low bandwith?
  3. The way I have done this is to log on locally to my PC. start the VPN client and then log into a "work" PC. This runs the logon script and executes my profile. For you to access the roaming profile you need to log into the domain with a "work" I.P address (i.e. assigned via VPN).

    This thread has some useful info (esp. about slow links)
    Google forum discussion
  4. Win2k and Win2k3 I believe both, if not then just Win2k3 has a GPO that will cut off roaming profiles if on a slow network connection. It's useful if someone is using 10mbit or dial up.. or if you want to limit roaming profiles over VPN, etc.
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