How do you feel about FUP?

Hi ppl, I'm new to this forum and just wanted an oppinion of Fair Usage Policies.

You know the ones which say don't download too much but your broadband connection is still unlimited. I've not been affected by these myself but a friend of mine who was with Tiscali downloaded too much and found himself on the FUP.

Im currently on dial-up :( (I am ashamed), and was thinking of getting ADSL, is there any great ISPs you can recommend who don't or atleast excercise a decent FUP. UK only isps please.

Btw, I'm really sorry if this has been done before, I'm sure it has but i'd like to get some first hand answers.


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  1. Sucks. I wasn't aware that Europe practices unlimited use advertising. Here in the states, we pay for maximum bandwidth at any given time, such as 6Mbit, but more and more are companies limiting connections that use this bandwidth, I.e. Torrents all day every day.

    Now, they are beginning to shape packets based on type / port.... to slow down or disable information from sources such as P2P/Torrents.

    Internet is becoming like insurance,... you cant live without it, and you cant live with it (fairly)
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