Is Linksys router's Firewall safe to use alone?

I've been using Windows Firewall (yeah, I know it's not the best, but I can afford it), but I've been thinking of trying out the firewall built into my Linksys wired/wireless router. Is this a reliable/ strong enough firewall to use alone, so I could turn off the Windows firewall? Also, is it going to be a pain to administer so that I can still play BF2 online and use Bittorrent and such?

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  1. Most NAT and SPI firewall are sufficent for home use. The problem lies with unwanted programs accessing the web. So if your computer is a bot or spam machine it will contine to be. If clean no problem. I ran a test using a comercial product and the router's firewall. Over a 9 month period I had nothing get through the routers firewall. So I uninstalled the software firewall to free up resources. I kept XP firewall active, but do not allow execptions. If you notice every time you install software, they want free access to the net. NOT on my computers. I do not leave my computers on 24/7, turn them off when not needed.

    One other note make sure you set the router up NOT to respond to ping. This will prevent the scanners from finding you.
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