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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum, It will be great if someone can help me with this.
I have a VB.Net code which populates excel template. This code works fine if I run it locally on my system but now I need to run it on server using Remote Desktop. Now if I run the code on server suing Remote Desktop and once the code execution has started and I don't minimize the Remote Desktop screen the code will run fine with no errors But if I minimize the Remote Desktop screen and maximize it later I get an error "Not enough memory resources". In the code wherever it tries to open or activate excel worksheet it gives this error if the Remote Desktop is minimized. In my understanding this should not happen because the code is getting excecuted remotely so excel worksheet is getting activated on remote server so whether the Remote Desktop screen on my system is maximized or not it should not make any difference with the code excecution. I think there is something with the remote desktop setting or excel setting.
It will be great if some can help me with this or give me a direction to find the problem. If i dont find a good solution to it then I have to babysit the process and sometimes this process takes hours which is very tough for me.

Thanks alot
-- Shruti
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  1. If you are running the code on the server then whether or not you minimize the remote desktop should make no difference.

    Does the error message appear on the server or on your PC ?
    Have you looked in the server eventlogs ? (EVENTVWR)
  2. Thanks alot for replying to my problem.
    I get the error on the server.
    I dont know about the server event longs. can you please tell me about them?

    Thanks again
    -- Shruti
  3. Hmmmm ... very strange.
    Click on Start -->Run and then type EVENTVWR

    Look through each log for recent red error messages.

    Alternatively you could try this:
    It is fully functional and free trial.
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