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I ,[think], I need to use my Windows7{Home premium}Sony laptop,[VPCCW1WS1E] to copy old records to computer using the 3mm earphone socket in my record/Radio/tape player/CD player/, player unit but avoiding using the 3mm microphone socket in the laptop. I have tried using the 3mm sockets in both but the quality was awful;screeching+duplication+the expected hiss & rumble with no periods of silence to base on. There seems from comments "on-line" to be so many problems with SOUND RECORDING/W7/USB that I would like advice on whether to proceed with purchasing one of the many USB devices sold on "AMAZON"and try recording on the laptop via a USB input or to risk moving my old/W Sony desktop, [or the old heavy "Music-Centre"], close to one another and use the existing installed Sony-VAIO program to do the recording and editing.
Thanks for any advice
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  1. How are you recording, what hardware and software? You need to remember that the line output of a stereo system is not quite designed to output to a laptop input but to speakers or headphones. Read some reviews on USB-enabled turntables, if there are any issues with them and Win 7 you'll read about it.
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