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IPAQ 1910: Does Micro battery replacement solve the problem?

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January 30, 2005 12:11:40 AM

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I just replaced the internal NiMH micro battery in my 16 month old IPAQ
1910 because I was losing the RAM contents whenever I swapped
user-replaceable batteries.

Has anyone here experienced the same issue with the IPAQ 1910
specifically? I would like to believe that the source of the problem
was a faulty micro battery, but if the fault lies with the charging
circuit I am simply postponing an inevitable recurrence of my problem.

I only used the IPAQ for a month or so after I bought it and I always
kept it in the charging cradle when not in use. I then packed it away.
A couple of weeks ago I got it out again with the intention of using it
once more and discovered the problem I just mentioned. Of course it was
then out of warranty even though it was barely used. I disassembled it
and discovered the NiMH battery was a Varta V20HR model which I was
able to get from Mouser Electronics ( for $1.34 a piece.
I used a carpet knife to slice the tack welded battery cable terminals
off the original battery, duct-taped the terminals onto the new battery
and re-assembled the unit. It works ok for now, but I'm concerned
that if I put the unit through several re-charging cycles in the cradle
the charger is going to somehow roast the micro battery.

Does anyone know whether I should expect to see a recurrence of this
problem or is what I have done sufficient to solve the problem for good
or at least for the natural lifetime of a properly functioning NiMH
micro battery?


February 9, 2005 3:14:00 AM

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I have a similar problem.
How did you disassemble your iPAQ 1910?
I removed the four external screws, and released the plastic tabs, but something is still stopping the unit from coming apart.

In answer to your question, I think you have solved your problem. The internal battery is a NiMH cell, and unlike the lithium main cell, is degraded if left in the discharged state.


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February 10, 2005 4:11:07 PM

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Thanks. I'm guessing you may have missed the fifth external screw
located under the warranty label in the battery compartment. Sherri
posted a great link to dissasembly instructions that you have probably
seen by now. I wish I had found those when I needed them. It would have
saved me some time. Also, I should mention that I found a small Torx
screwdriver set in the tool department at Sears that includes a
T5-sized bit.

FYI, I am using the vBar application to give me proper "close program"
functionality. I find it great because it doesn't load a bunch of other
functions with it that I don't care for. The "suspend, don't close"
function of the Pocket PC OS annoyed me to the extent that I stopped
using the IPAQ because I got tired of drilling through the menu system
to permanently close programs.

Also, I plan on loading an application that will allow me to back up
the 1910's complete personality to a single self-executing restore file
that I can keep on my SD card. I looked at one application that could
do that, but I can't remember the name of it at the moment.

If I had known in advance that there was a backup/restore application
that could do that, I would not have gone to the bother of replacing
the internal microbattery since it is only meant to power the unit for
a minute or two anyway while you are changing the user-replaceable


February 10, 2005 4:22:31 PM

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See my reply to Janet.

Unless you particularly want to crack the unit open, I would not now
recommend to anyone that they replace a faulty microbattery whatver the
warranty status of their unit is. If you have an SD card and a spare
main battery like I do, a better solution is to use a backup/restore
application. When your main battery gets low, you would execute a
backup from the Pocket PC itself to the SD memory card, replace your
main battery, power back on, navigate to the self-executing restore
file on the SD card and click on it to completely restore the IPAQ's

Hope this helps,