Print jobs restarting in windows 7

Since I got my new computer with win7pro 64bit...... I've had an intermittent problem which is that when printing mostly from word2010(use this for 98% of printing) the print job will restart in the middle of the job(I print from 300 to 50,000 page jobs 99% are mail merges)

PRINTER: SAVIN 9060(using the RCPS driver - because of the overlay capability)

I've watched the print que while merging/spooling/printing and it never does it as it is spooling/printing only after it is done spooling and it is VERY, VERY random

my SAVIN IT TECH(they could not re-create the problem on another win7pro 64bit computer) and I thought it could be the product of using older version word I starting converting them to word2010 .docs and it was still doing it so then I started re-typesetting some starting from scratch with a word 2010 .doc and still have the problem but still very random

In the print que it will say: printing 3/2,500 then it will say Error-Printing the printer pauses then it will just start over spooling/printing from the beginning again

before new computer I was running winxp pro.....word2000 with no problems at all

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Try to uninstall your printer then reinstalling it
  2. almartin said:
    Try to uninstall your printer then reinstalling it

    done that probably 10 times no help
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