Viewsonic VA1912W 19" TFT, is it worth to buy? :(

Viewsonic VA1912W 19" TFT, is it worth to buy? :( I am from London and PCWorld always sells shabby stuff but my budget is £150. The reviews I checked for this monitor were not so great. The fact it has speakers on it makes me curl, I dont like the idea of speakers on monitors but any advice would be helpful since I have to buy a monitor today. I am going to get a PSU and have no monitor for when the computers running :)

Check this link for their shop, the amount of monitors they offer for a certain price range for 19" sucks :(
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  1. This looks to be the same monitor

    User reviews are pretty good. The speakers won't affect anything and you won't use them so what's the problem?

    I too am looking for a new monitor and this is on my short list.
  2. The reviews are good enough I guess, there doesnt seem to be many great all purpose monitors from what I have read. I have to go to be in the shop in 3 hours :)
  3. At least it is a good brand, that is worth something.
  4. I bought the monitor, I will let you know if it seems to be good to the naked eye, lol. :) Need to put the computer all together now! :) Its all in parts and boxes :_(
  5. Yes, I am using the monitor now and am happy, I haven't tested the speakers on it because I like using my own speakers. It was worth the price since all the other monitors were way over priced! :( My last monitor used to burn my eyes but this one doesnt. I just need to get a good graphics card and test this on some games! :)
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