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I have a broken laptop. The LCD doesn't work, I want to put a very very small distro of linux on it, then allow it to play MP3s and CDs.

Any suggestions on which distro? I mainly want to use linux since it will be more stable than windows, and probably wont consume as much power.
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  1. You can use any distro you like, but when installing make sure you take the option of installing the packages yourself. You can probably get it down to under a few hundred megs. I have never heard of Linux using less power than windows, where did you get that from?

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  2. well, consider it most likely takes up less processing power to stay at commandline than within a windows GUI, and it probably takes less processing time to bootup as well.

    less processing time = less power usage

    Or so I would guess.
  3. Quote:
    less processing time = less power usage

    Probably does in theory, but playing mp3's will crank up the power consumption!!

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  4. Only my opinion but can I suggest you MS-DOS, I think there are good little MP3 players for DOS, and generally speaking, it won't take as much space as Linux.

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  5. As posted, just about any linux distro will do. You can keep the whole shebang pretty lean as well, for such a specific purpose.

    Also, considering the purpose, you might want to play around with <A HREF="" target="_new">JukePeg</A> or <A HREF="" target="_new">Gronk</A>, a couple of network-based MP3 jukeboxen. Just have the laptop share a directory over Samba for storing mp3's and have the jukeboxe software go to that directory.


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  6. dont worry about the distro... get one, uncheck everything. I mean everything. You need a kernel, and an mp3/cd player. nothing else. well maybe you might want some other little doohickeys, but not much else. I would even recommend just compiling your own kernel, and keeping it as lean as possible. I am not positive about the 2.4 kernel, but I think you could pull this off in about 50 megs. I am rather curious as to how you plan on playing mp3's w/out a screen though...

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  7. Use zipslack.

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